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2015 Response Letters

FOIA responses issued between January and September of 2015 are listed in the table below. Response letters sent in October, November, and December are available in the online repository. Click on folder for a given month and review each letter.




09/30/15 Topic, Matthew Contracts
09/30/15 Davis-Pitts, Tracy Contracts
09/30/15 Clemmer, Stephen Purchase orders
09/30/15 Higher Ed Solutions Contracts
09/29/15 Hettinger, Johnathan Salary information
09/29/15 Hobson, Will NCAA expense report
09/28/15 Rosenstein, Jay Student fee information
09/28/15 Laugesen, Richard Employee information
09/28/15 Laugesen, Richard Employee information
09/25/15 Oyeyemi, Ruth Course information
09/25/15 Everett, Claire Research grant information
09/24/15 Eng, Monica Email correspondence
09/23/15 Everett, Claire Admissions information
09/23/15 Binkley, Collin Investment information
09/23/15 Hettinger, Johnathan Company vehicle information
09/23/15 Hettinger, Johnathan Email correspondence
09/22/15 Pena, Alma Student housing information
09/22/15 Ryan, Shannon Email correspondence
09/22/15 Berkowitz, Steve Contracts
09/22/15 Carmody, Kevin Email correspondence
09/22/15 Carmody, Kevin Email correspondence
09/21/15 Ditman, Tim Email correspondence
09/21/15 King, Patricia Animal research
09/18/15 Hopkins, Jared Contracts
09/18/15 Ye, Dan Admissions information
09/18/15 Wood, Paul UIPD narcotic report
09/16/15 Cohen, Ben Big ten conference handbook
09/15/15 Scheinman, Andrew Email correspondence
09/15/15 Boorstein, Rebecca Bid information
09/15/15 Open records Invoice information
09/14/15 Gates-Crandall, Trevor Animal research
09/14/15 Hettinger, Johnathan NCAA violation report
09/11/15 Figueroa, Joey Student-athlete information
09/11/15 Burris, Denise Animal research
09/10/15 Cohen, Jodi Email/text correspondence
09/10/15 Carrera, Anna Email correspondence
09/10/15 Hettinger, Johnathan Housing food service
09/09/15 Carmody, Kevin Email correspondence
09/08/15 Abunimah, Ali Email correspondence
09/08/15 Wasson, Bill Financial reports
09/08/15 Svoboda, Abigale Parking citations
09/08/15 Farha, Fatima Parking citations
09/04/15 Feldman, Eric Email correspondence
09/04/15 Harty, Declan Email correspondence
09/02/15 Eveloff, Dan Contracts
08/28/15 Draznin, Anne Academic affairs correspondence
08/28/15 Draznin, Anne Research correspondence
08/28/15 Toeppen, Dennis Law enforcement information
08/28/15 Ellithorpe, Max Email correspondence
08/27/15 Mercer, David Email correspondence
08/27/15 Kacich, Tom Correspondence
08/27/15 Hill, Toni Bid information
08/25/15 Wurth, Julie Contracts
08/25/15 Friedberg, Chad Contracts
08/24/15 Ye, Dan Contracts
08/24/15 Abunimah, Ali Email correspondence
08/21/15 Boris, Dan Contracts
08/21/15 Jones, Megan Contracts
08/21/15 Douning, Karen Contracts
08/20/15 Gruca, Paul Water well information
08/19/15 Ditman, Tim Contracts
08/19/15 Green, Alex Contracts
08/18/15 Hettinger, Johnathan BOT closed meeting minutes
08/18/15 Saylor, Joseph Animal research
08/17/15 Pearson, Patrick Bid information
08/17/15 Wurth, Julie Contracts
08/17/15 Rhoden, Jaleesa Contracts
08/14/15 Scheinman, Andrew Email correspondence
08/13/15 Relich, Taylor Contracts
08/13/15 Austin, Michael Stale dated checks
08/13/15 Doherty, Mary NCAA auditor report
08/12/15 Cowman, Jordan Contracts
08/12/15 Farmer, Jackie Freshmen orientation information
08/12/15 Webb, Chris Athletic reports
08/12/15 D'Alessio, Jeff Contracts
08/11/15 Karp, Sarah Contracts
08/10/15 Hopkins, Jared Email correspondence
08/10/15 Hopkins, Jared Email correspondence
08/10/15 Bialik, Loren Stale dated checks
08/10/15 Malany, Duane Parking enforcement information
08/10/15 Ditman, Tim Athletic itineraries
08/10/15 Kish, Matthew Contracts
08/10/15 Dixon, Beth Animal research
08/10/15 Doherty, Mary NCAA auditor report
08/10/15 Lightcap, Joe NCAA auditor report
08/07/15 Yu, Kenneth Audit reports
08/06/15 Avanesian, Roznik Grade distributions
08/06/15 Hettinger, Johnathan Athletics report card
08/05/15 Snyder, Mark Athletic drug testing
08/05/15 Hettinger, Johnathan Food service reports
08/04/15 Rosenstein, Jay Email correspondence
08/04/15 Ambrose, Steve Employment contracts
08/04/15 Hill, Toni Public spending information
08/04/15 Delaney, Julianne Templates
08/04/15 Poss, Victoria Contracts
08/03/15 Gutowski, Christy Athletic complaints
08/03/15 Wurth, Julie Correspondence
08/01/15 Heinold, Thad Bid information
08/01/15 Heinold, Thad Bid information
07/31/15 Scheinmann, Andrew Email correspondence
07/31/15 Minotti, Anthony Stale-dated checks
07/30/15 Armstrong, Shannon Athletic budget
07/30/15 Hopper, John Record correspondence
07/30/15 Arnquist, Steven Medical supply information
07/29/15 Wurth, Julie Email correspondence
07/29/15 Strom, George Bid information
07/29/15 Hou, Lydia International student information
07/24/15 Pfeifer, Kelly Employee information
07/23/15 Dominguez, Patricia Policy information
07/23/15 Gruca, Paul Water well information
07/22/15 Wurth, Julie Contracts
07/22/15 Riddell, Roger Budget information
07/22/15 Yonce, Wayne Employee information
07/22/15 Kopp, Emily Illinois crop science program
07/21/15 Kreighbaum, Andrew Athletic budget
07/21/15 Mortin, Nick Email correspondence
07/20/15 Hopper, John Bid information
07/20/15 Hettinger, Johnathan Reimbursed expenses
07/20/15 Powers, Robert Vacancy listings
07/16/15 Wasser, Stanley Email correspondence
07/16/15 Carver, Rachel Water well information
07/15/15 Heinold, Thad Bid information
07/14/15 Gottschall, Andrea Animal research
07/14/15 Smith, Steve Contracts
07/14/15 Cohen, Kevin Contracts
07/13/15 Johnston, Jeff Payroll and invoice documents
07/13/15 Hunt, Laura Animal research
07/13/15 Schmidt, Patricia Animal research
07/13/15 Maloof, Kathy Animal research
07/10/15 Smith, Glen Bid information
07/10/15 Ditman, Tim NCAA reports
07/09/15 Shifflett, Shane Contracts
07/09/15 Shifflett, Shane NCAA reports
07/08/15 McKinney, Harry License agreements
07/07/15 Jenkins, David Contracts
07/07/15 Slervey, Jacqueline Animal research
07/06/15 Baumbach, Jim Contracts
07/02/15 Bean, Johnathan LCME Reports
07/02/15 Prado, Gary Contracts
07/01/15 Kezer, Wes Bid information
07/01/15 Liggins, Millicent Bid information
07/01/15 Laugesen, Richard Retreat invitation list
07/01/15 Pawlaczyk, George No trespassing notices
06/29/15 Ditman, Tim Correspondence
06/29/15 Taylor, James Grade distributions
06/29/15 Power Rogers and Smith Campus crime statistics
06/29/15 McDonald, Mary Ann Animal research
06/29/15 Peters, William Animal research
06/26/15 Vela, Susan Medication purchases
06/25/15 Nevidomsky, Lauren NCAA revenue and expenditure reports
06/24/15 Lenzi, Rachel Contracts
06/23/15 Wurth, Julie Email correspondence
06/23/15 Sacks, Rand Contracts
06/23/15 Goba, Stephen Bond payment information
06/23/15 Roche, Charlene Purchase orders
06/22/15 Scheinman, Andrew Correspondence
06/22/15 Mallory, Mary Meeting information
06/22/15 Gordon, Robert Animal research
06/22/15 McCue, Matthew Contracts
06/22/15 Davis, Nick Contracts
06/22/15 Cella, Ray Contracts
06/22/15 Bradley, Erika Animal research
06/22/15 Dickey, Timothy Animal research
06/19/15 Lawyer, Larry Email correspondence
06/19/15 Cerezo, Jason Contracts
06/18/15 Asari, David Public directory records
06/18/15 Davis, Nick Contracts
06/18/15 Wurth, Julie Contracts
06/17/15 McElhiney, Kassandra Animal research
06/16/15 Latona, Dan Grade distributions
06/16/15 Hanan, Rosemarie Animal research
06/15/15 Goldman, Kathy Bid information
06/12/15 Boyd, Renee Bid information
06/12/15 Rolland, Jordon Contracts
06/11/15 Bryson, Bob Bid information
06/10/15 Keenan, Patrick Contracts
06/09/15 Hettinger, Johnathan Athletic outside income report
06/09/15 Mercer, Dave Email correspondence
06/09/15 Barth, Charles Employee information
06/09/15 Dissident Archived correspondence
06/09/15 Mercer, David Email correspondence
06/09/15 Hettinger, Johnathan NCAA reports
06/09/15 Hettinger, Johnathan Athletic reports
06/09/15 James, Mike Bid tabulation information
06/08/15 Jennings, John Bid information
06/08/15 McKisson, Megan Grade distribution
06/08/15 Flesch, Richard Correspondence
06/08/15 Berkowitz, Steve Contracts
06/08/15 Sherman, Ryan Employee information
06/08/15 Stoynoff, Steve Bid information
06/05/15 Laugesen, Richard Statement of economic interest form information
06/04/15 Jonas, George Animal research
06/04/15 Hardt, Peter Bid information
06/03/15 Laugesen, Richard IPEDS reports
06/03/15 Heath, David Email correspondence
06/03/15 Trahan, Kevin Email correspondence
06/03/15 Hettinger, Johnathan No trespassing list information
06/03/15 IMG Event ticketing information
06/03/15 Ripperda, Tom Training information
06/02/15 Hidalgo, Sergio Real Estate information
06/02/15 Dasgupta, Milan Grade distribution
06/02/15 Heinold, Thad Bid information
06/02/15 Popper, Al Payment information
06/01/15 Scheinman, Andrew Email correspondence
06/01/15 McMorrow, Annette Contracts
05/29/15 Ricca, Richard Bid information
05/29/15 Fahrbach-Connors, Cristina Animal research
05/28/15 Seder, Scott Bid information
05/28/15 Shaw, Dana Contracts
05/27/15 Mallory, Mary Meeting information
05/27/15 Harty, Declan Telephone correspondence
05/27/15 Ryan, Shannon Email correspondence
05/27/15 Brady, Sean Water well information
05/27/15 Oyeyemi, Ruth Course information
05/27/15 Wurth, Julie Contracts
05/27/15 Oyeyemi, Ruth Course information
05/27/15 Potacki, Amanda Animal research
05/26/15 Klein, Daniel Lease information
05/26/15 Dixon, Beth Animal research
05/26/15 Kennedy, Francesca Animal research
05/22/15 Graves, Elizabeth Administrative contact information
05/22/15 Hopkins, Jared Contracts
05/22/15 Kelly, Michael Payment information
05/21/15 Ditman, Tim Contracts
05/20/15 Santangelo, Kathy Animal research
05/20/15 Reeder, Scott Collective bargaining agreements
05/20/15 Laugesen, Richard Ethics information
05/20/15 Mercer, David Correspondence
05/20/15 Beard, Aaron Contracts
05/19/15 Ries, Patrick Water well information
05/19/15 Shannon, Ryan Correspondence
05/19/15 Daniels, Matt Correspondence
05/19/15 Daniels, Matt Correspondence
05/19/15 Sherman, Mary Bid information
05/18/15 Kalk, Kristin Animal research
05/18/15 Spisak, Agnes Animal research
05/18/15 Gott, Tricia Animal research
05/18/15 Morales, Julie Animal research
05/18/15 Sparks, Joyce Animal research
05/15/15 Hobson, Will Athletic revenue report
05/15/15 Sklar, Keith Animal research
05/15/15 Frank, Aimee Animal research
05/14/15 Li, Dongying Public safety information
05/14/15 Wood, Paul Financial information
05/14/15 Brown, Kirk Organizational chart
05/14/15 Lang, Brenda Animal research
05/13/15 Cohen, Kevin Contracts
05/13/15 Cohen, Kevin Contracts
05/13/15 Carter, Jeffrey Contracts
05/13/15 Sheller, Sara Bid information
05/13/15 Cohen, Kevin Contracts
05/13/15 Eskra, Pamela Animal research
05/13/15 Walls, Rachel Animal research
05/13/15 Sandoval, Jennifer Animal research
05/12/15 Davis, Tyler Employee information
05/12/15 Jones, Megan Donation funds
05/12/15 Chang, Wilbur Employee information
05/11/15 Cella, Ray Contract
05/11/15 Waldvogel, Shanille Animal research
05/11/15 Minotti, Anthony Stale-dated checks
05/11/15 Butler, Peter Stale-dated checks
05/11/15 London, Jeffrey Stale-dated checks
05/11/15 Green, Charles Financial information
05/11/15 Clendenen, Cindy Animal research
05/11/15 Powers, Jeanne Animal research
05/11/15 Cosgrove, James Animal research
05/11/15 Zurek, Rachel Animal research
05/11/15 Gilbert, Mary Beth Animal research
05/08/15 Trail, James Policy information
05/08/15 Rothenberg, Sheribel Survey
05/07/15 Castles, Desiree Contracts
05/07/15 Seger, Eric Football statistics
05/07/15 Anderson, Sarah Animal research
05/07/15 Fulton, Leslie Animal research
05/07/15 Gates-Crandall, Trevor Animal research
05/07/15 Baker, Joyce Animal research
05/06/15 Roy, Uttam Employee information
05/06/15 Augustynowicz, J.P. Contracts
05/06/15 Stewart, Kathleen Animal research
05/05/15 Golden, Dan Email correspondence
05/05/15 Sobolewski, Natalie Animal research
05/05/15 Anonymous Salary information
05/05/15 Harty, Declan Athletic scholarship
05/05/15 Heinold, Thad Bid information
05/04/15 Bax, Lisa Animal research
05/04/15 Tillbrook, Alison Animal research
05/04/15 Nabhan, Mati Animal research
05/04/15 Sands, Lisa Animal research
05/04/15 Clendenen, Cindy Animal research
05/04/15 Woodhouse, Kellie Contracts
05/04/15 Olivera, Frank Bid information
05/04/15 Mostoller, Melissa Bid information
05/04/15 McGraw-Beyers, Jenna Animal research
05/04/15 Rougier, Patricia Animal research
05/04/15 Sellner, Karen Animal research
05/04/15 Walker, Lindsey Animal research
05/04/15 Burris, Denise Animal research
05/04/15 Potekhina, Lydia Animal research
05/01/15 Jessen, Grace Animal research
05/01/15 Velzy, Karole Animal research
05/01/15 Novick, Rebecca Animal research
05/01/15 Morris, Catherine Animal research
04/30/15 Bellendir, Kristen Animal research
04/30/15 Jensen, Kara Animal research
04/30/15 Mangano, Kyle Transfer student information
04/30/15 Gordon, Judy Bid information
04/30/15 Scheuer, Judy Animal research
04/30/15 Kozel, Turi Animal research
04/29/15 Funderburg, Rochelle Correspondence
04/29/15 Resnik, Jane Animal research
04/28/15 Karanovich, Audry Animal research
04/28/15 Fitzer, Nicole Bid information
04/27/15 Harvey, Constance Animal research
04/27/15 Cohen, Yori Tournament schedule
04/27/15 Miles, Dawn Animal research
04/24/15 Rosenstein, Jay Big Ten information
04/24/15 Berendsen, Beth Financial services information
04/24/15 Johnson, Toni Animal research
04/24/15 Marron, Brad Animal research
04/23/15 Manglaris, Nicholas Contracts
04/23/15 Anonymous Email correspondence
04/23/15 Papineau, Elizabeth Animal research
04/23/15 Linden, Sharon Animal research
04/22/15 Ahmad, Muhammad Student case information
04/22/15 Mamon, Ed Bid information
04/21/15 Hopkins, Jared Contracts
04/21/15 Sweetland, Kirk Water well information
04/21/15 Scheinman, Andrew CAFT committee information
04/21/15 Wood, Paul Firearm information
04/21/15 Bunch, Ryan Bid information
04/21/15 Mlynarek, Ursula Employee information
04/21/15 Wallace, Kyle Contracts
04/20/15 Funderburg, Rochelle Student disciplinary committee information
04/20/15 Brown, Tamara Employee information
04/17/15 Prochaska, David Contracts
04/17/15 Hopkins, Jared NCAA violations
04/17/15 Hopkins, Jared NCAA violations
04/16/15 Carreno, Alexa Animal research
04/16/15 Berman, Barbara Animal research
04/16/15 Carreno, Alexa Animal research
04/15/15 Caffey, Nathan Employee information
04/15/15 Patterson, Matthew Contracts
04/14/15 McClain, Shawn Employee information
04/14/15 Cummings, Andrew Contracts
04/14/15 Gates-Crandall, Trevor Animal research
04/14/15 Johnson, Drew Employee information
04/14/15 Cohen, Kevin Financial reports
04/13/15 Santangelo, Kathy Animal research
04/13/15 Yannelis, Constantine Employee information
04/13/15 Wheeler, Zoyd Email correspondence
04/13/15 Wheeler, Zoyd Email correspondence
04/13/15 Cohen, Yoni Contracts
04/13/15 Jonas, George Animal research
04/09/15 D'Alessio, Jeff IHSA tournament information
04/08/15 Curran, John Bid information
04/07/15 Wallace, Kyle Athletic contracts
04/06/15 Fusco, Chris Board appointment
04/06/15 Smith, Gerald Contracts
04/03/15 Zuniga, Hector Email correspondence
04/03/15 Open The Books Faculty/Student information
04/02/15 Barnett, Candice Correspondence with FOIA requestor
04/02/15 Garcia, Eric Bid information
04/01/15 Scheinman, Andrew Questions about procedures
04/01/15 Gordon, Shawn Financial information
03/31/15 Boris, Dan Employee and invoice information
03/31/15 Baker, Sarah Vendor contracts
03/31/15 Wallace, Kyle Athletic contracts
03/31/15 Boyle, Andy Contracts
03/31/15 Gellner, Karen Contracts
03/30/15 Wurth, Julie Bid information
03/30/15 Gibbs, Drew Bid information
03/30/15 Clemmer, Stephen Bid information
03/27/15 Zilner, Mark Bid information
03/26/15 Kalinsky, Ray Bid information
03/25/15 Ford, Caitlin Water well information
03/25/15 Anderson, Chad Payroll information
03/24/15 Boris, Dan Employee information
03/24/15 Newton, Gayle Contract invoices
03/24/15 Micic, Dan Bid information
03/23/15 Ball, Jennifer NHP information
03/20/15 Mostoller, Melissa Bid information
03/20/15 Atkenson, John Bid information
03/19/15 Evey, Richard Water well information
03/19/15 Styf, John NCAA reports
03/19/15 Davis, Jessica Ashley Food service information
03/18/15 Graf, Julie Bid information
03/17/15 Dwojak, Michael Uniform and Equipment information
03/17/15 Dunleavy, Ryan NCAA reports
03/16/15 Scheinman, Andrew Email correspondence
03/16/15 Dixon, Terence Water well information
03/16/15 Donnelley, Lucas Grade distribution
03/16/15 Orzolek, Joe Bid information
03/13/15 Wurth, Julie Calendar
03/13/15 Carmody, Kevin Email correspondence
03/13/15 D'Alessio, Jeff Athletic contracts
03/12/15 Walters, Austin Grade distribution
03/12/15 Wooten, Sherry Payroll information
03/11/15 Vaughan, Steve Legal fees
03/11/15 Hollingsworth, Seretha Collective bargaining agreement
03/10/15 Scheinman, Andrew Questions about archives
03/10/15 Beckham, Jeremy Animal research
03/10/15 Scheinman, Andrew Calendar
03/10/15 Nyugen, Phan Email correspondence
03/10/15 Kalish, Daniel Athletic contracts
03/06/15 Gagliano, John Aircraft incidents
03/04/15 Thomas, Randall Employment contracts
03/03/15 Laugesen, Richard Legal fees
03/03/15 Sherman, Mitch Athletic contracts
03/03/15 O'Connor, Sarah NPCS program information
03/02/15 Prochaska, David Legal fees
03/02/15 D'Alessio, Jeff Athletic contracts
03/02/15 Heinold, Thad Bid information
02/24/15 Carteaux, Adam Bid information
03/02/15 Wozniak, David Project information
02/26/15 Cohen, Kevin Athletic contracts
02/26/15 Cohen, Kevin Athletic contracts
02/26/15 Chambers, Tom Payment information
02/25/15 McElhiney, Patrick Bid information
02/25/15 Cohen, Kevin Athletic contracts
02/24/15 Carteaux, Adam Bid information
02/24/15 Carmody, Kevin Email correspondence
02/20/15 Marvel, Mary Calendar
02/20/15 Maxwell, Amy Bid information
02/20/15 Ruskin, Gary Email correspondence
02/19/15 Axon, Rachel Medication to student athletes
02/19/15 Nash, Tom Program agreement
02/19/15 Bourbon, Stephen Vehicle registration
02/18/15 Scheinman, Andrew Questions about archives
02/18/15 Fourez, Jeff Contracts
02/18/15 Shasky, John Bid information
02/17/15 Scheinman, Andrew Email correspondence
02/17/15 Boris, Dan Collective bargaining agreement
02/17/15 Heinold, Thad Contracts
02/17/15 Watkins, Julie Contracts
02/17/15 Watkins, Julie Contracts
02/16/15 Scheinman, Andrew Email correspondence
02/16/15 Yannelis, Constantine Retirement program
02/16/15 Bowyer, Lee Contracts
02/16/15 Krizner, Zoe Athletic contract
02/12/15 Bailey-Wells, Peter Health inspection
02/12/15 Mlynarek, Ursula Employee information
02/12/15 Wilson, Jessica Student survey
02/12/15 Zarnegar, Ora Contracts
02/11/15 Fuller, Andrea Accreditation renewal
02/11/15 Montgomery, Kyle Contract information
02/11/15 Lawyer, Larry Email correspondence
02/10/15 Lawyer, Larry Response information
02/10/15 Hammond, Sean Drug testing
02/09/15 Hettinger, Johnathan Police records
02/09/15 Hettinger, Johnathan NCAA reports
02/09/15 Nash, Tom Partnership agreements
02/09/15 Lux, Fred Email correspondence
02/09/15 Dominguez, Patricia Email correspondence
02/06/15 Lux, Frederick Email correspondence
02/06/15 Lux, Frederick Email correspondence
02/06/15 Cohen, Jodi Vendor payments
02/06/15 Weinreb, Josh Athletic contracts
02/06/15 Hopkins, Jared Athletic violations
02/05/15 Mercer, David Athletic violations
02/05/15 Shaw, Dana Drew Athletic contracts
02/05/15 Laugesen, Richard Financial records
02/05/15 Majlessi, Feri Contracts
02/05/15 Gold, Matthew Documentation
02/04/15 Ruskin, Gary Email correspondence
02/04/15 Durnell, Amanda Bid information
02/04/15 Starnes, Caroline Bid information
02/03/15 Boris, Dan Email correspondence
02/03/15 Kraft, John Scholarship information
02/03/15 Chern, Stephen FOIA information
02/03/15 Laugesen, Richard Employee information
02/03/15 Laugesen, Richard Employee information
02/02/15 Dochterman, Scott Financial reports
01/30/15 Scheinman, Andrew Email correspondence
01/30/15 Lieberman, Joyce Employee information
01/30/15 Cohen, Kevin Contracts
01/30/15 Nguyen, Phan Email correspondence
01/29/15 Cowman, Jordan Contract information
01/29/15 Sargeant, Keith Athletic contracts
01/29/15 Hammond, Sean Athletic information
01/29/15 Marvel, Mary Email records
01/27/15 Kambhampati, Sandhya Expense reports
01/27/15 Rosenstein, Mark Grade distribution
01/26/15 Rade, Debra FOIA information
01/23/15 James, Mike Contract information
01/23/15 Minotti, Anthony Stale-dated checks
01/23/15 Warren, Mark Stale-dated checks
01/21/15 Traskos, Erica Stale-dated checks
01/21/15 Dominguez, Patricia Employee information
01/16/15 Novy-Williams, Eben Athletic contracts
01/16/15 Mlynarek, Ursula Employee information
01/16/15 Hove, Harrison Applicant information
01/16/15 Hulsebus, Joey Bid information
01/15/15 Ditman, Tim Allerton park information
01/15/15 Ganim, Sara Financial information
01/14/15 Scheinman, Andrew Email records
01/14/15 Scheinman, Andrew FOIA clarification
01/14/15 Goba, Stephen Payment information
01/14/15 Goba, Stephen Payment information
01/13/15 Avanesian, Rozik Grade distribution
01/13/15 Massie, Aaron Contract information
01/12/15 Seeger, Andy Contract information
01/12/15 Johnston, Jeff Contract information
01/09/15 Heinhold, Thad Bid information
01/09/15 Heinhold, Thad Contract information
01/09/15 Heinhold, Thad Contract information
01/09/15 Shelton, Mohammad Contract information
01/09/15 Heinhold, Thad Contract information
01/09/15 Heinhold, Thad Bid information
01/09/15 Heinhold, Thad Bid information
01/09/15 Hopkins, Jared Athlete information
01/08/15 Fellers, Trent Bid information
01/08/15 Schaefer, Matt Bid information
01/06/15 Turner, Seth Wildlife information
01/06/15 O'Halloran, James Capital project information
01/06/15 Flores, Freddy Bid information
01/06/15 Ritchie, Kyle Contract information
01/06/15 Dominguez, Patricia Employee information