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Staff Directory

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Leadership & Administration

Adrienne Nazon
Vice President, External Relations and Communications

Jennifer Creasey
Assistant Vice President, External Relations and State Relations

Paul Weinberger
Assistant Vice President, Federal Relations

Kirsten Ruby
Director, External Relations and Communications

Nicole Rakes
Office Administrator


Marissa Brewer
Director, Advocacy

Kathy Sullivan
Assistant Director, Advocacy

Theresa Thomas
Visiting Advocacy Specialist

Brand and Marketing

Gretchen Yordy
Associate Director, Brand and Marketing

Steven Martin
Senior Designer and Assistant Director of Creative

Laura Mabry
Visiting Marketing Writer

Alex Quigley
Visiting Assistant Director, Digital Marketing


Communications and Media Relations

David Mercer
Senior Writer and Associate Director, Executive Communications

Heather Toth
Communications Specialist

Federal Relations

Melissa Haas
Director, Federal Relations

Colin Kerr
Federal Relations Specialist


Matt Sullard
Associate Director, FOIA

Jill Weathers
Senior Coordinator, FOIA

State and Local Relations

Nolan Drea
Associate Director, State Relations

Angelica Alfaro
Visiting Associate Director, Local Relations

Alan Solow
Visiting Special Advisor