Strategic Planning at the University of Illinois

The University of Illinois trustees at their March 2015 meeting directed President Timothy Killeen to begin a strategic planning process. The plan is expected to take 12-18 months to develop.

Each campus has a strategic plan in place:

2005 Strategic Plan

The last strategic planning process was conducted in 2005. The fundamental intent of this process was "to combine academic excellence with an unprecedented commitment to innovation, quality, and service so that each campus and support organization is the best among its peers and is recognized as such." Four of the strategic priorities that emerged from a multi-stage planning process were to:

  • Develop the Urbana campus into the nation's preeminent public research university.
  • Develop UIC into the nation's premier urban public research university.
  • Position the U of I Hospital and UIC health sciences colleges for the next quarter century.
  • Develop UIS into one of the nation's top five small, public, liberal arts universities.

The University created annual progress reports to serve as one accountability mechanism. The reports - developed collaboratively and with input from many individuals and groups across the University - include data and other information regarding the context and challenges for plan execution and key accomplishments and progress toward the strategies and goals underlying each of the five priorities. In addition, information is presented on the University's effectiveness in securing the necessary resources for plan execution through "the Compact," as well as a prospective look at plans and challenges for the coming year.

More detailed information about each element of the 2005 plan is online: