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International Partnerships

To fully seize opportunities, successfully address challenges and continually exceed goals, the University of Illinois System embraces our role within a larger ecosystem. We actively lead and participate in essential collaboration and partnership across the globe.

Partnership brings shared resources, enhanced research and innovation, diverse viewpoints, improved learning outcomes and highly targeted workforce development.

We’re powering a growing number of partnerships by reaching out across the academic continuum and to business and industry, government, economic development agencies, research institutions, donors and alumni.

Here are just some of our strategic partnerships with partners around the world:




Great Lakes Higher Education Consortium


Wanxiang Fellows Program


DESY and DPI announce R&D and corporate development partnership


U of I System adds new academic, research partners in India

U of I System liasion office 


U of I System, Hebrew University launch third round of joint R&D teams

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

HUJI/U of I Joint Research and Innovation Seed Grant Program


Real Impact: Research without borders delights Mexican exchange student

U of I System Mexican and Mexican-American Students (I-MMÁS) initiative

U of I System Mexico City office


National University of Singapore established Chicago presence in partnership with U of I System


U of I System signs memorandum of understanding with Taiwan's NTHU

President Killeen meets Taiwan prime minister, discusses partnership

National Taiwan University joins DPI

President Killeen meets Taiwan prime minister, discusses partnership

United Kingdom

Cardiff University, U of I System sign strategic partnership


Learn more about global partnerships throughout the U of I System

Discovery Partners Institute

Illinois International

UIC Office of Global Engagement



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