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Broadband Internet Access in Illinois

For many, having the internet access they need is a given. That’s not true for everyone.

Parts of Illinois lack broadband – or high-speed – internet access. This causes a digital divide that means people can’t access basic online information for healthcare, education, social services and so much more. Without up-to-date technology, residents and communities are at a disadvantage.

The University of Illinois System and a host of partners – including the Illinois Innovation Network, the State of Illinois and University of Illinois Extension – are working diligently to make much-needed advances to improve lives, achieve equity and boost economies.

This collaboration is the Illinois Broadband Lab.

The Illinois Broadband Lab advances shared interests in broadband data and research, explores aspects of the digital divide, and provides thoughtful analysis of capital investment and related programming. The lab also leads the community engagement work required to unlock federal broadband funding, giving every Illinoisan a chance to share their broadband experiences and needs.

Fast Facts

  • The Illinois Broadband Lab is helping guide the state’s historic $420 million Connect Illinois Broadband Infrastructure plan.
  • Work today prepares Illinois for the arrival of federal digital equity and Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment program funds in 2024 and 2025.
  • More than 285,000 Illinois households lack access to basic internet service, and over 1.1 million Illinois residents don’t have the devices and skills to use the internet


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