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Committed to Diversity

Our world is at its best when it includes the experiences and voices of many, especially those often underserved. The U of I System strives daily to mirror the rich diversity of Illinois.

Doing so provides life-changing opportunities. That’s true for our students and communities, as well as the businesses we rely on for goods and services.

To live out our land-grant mission, we set high goals for diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging. Those goals permeate our universities and research, our healthcare facilities and the companies we help launch.

We will grow and evolve our commitment to diversity to ensure we do what's right for our people, our state and our world. ACCESS 2030 – which aims to increase the number of graduates from underrepresented groups by 50 percent by the end of the decade focuses on closing equity gaps, a key tenet of the system’s commitment to the public good.

This and other essential work systemwide will guide the way and assure accountability. After all, each of us is at our best when a sense of belonging underpins all we do.

Real Impact

Real Impact stories spotlight the real difference that people, programs, and partnerships – across the system – make on the state’s economic, social and cultural well-being.

Who We Are

  • Accessibility: Opening our doors widely, we welcome and support learners from all walks of life.
  • Affordability: Financial aid from the U of I System has nearly doubled over the last decade.
  • Guiding Principles: Our stance on issues that affect students, faculty, and staff across the system.
  • Human Resources: Our dynamic work environment fosters unique experiences, perspectives, and cultures.

Programs & Services


diverse group of UIC students laughing on bed

Nearly one in three undergraduates identify as an underrepresented minority.

A fifty percent increase in the number of graduates from underrepresented groups from system universities by the end of the decade is our goal.