System Initiatives

The University of Illinois System leadership team serves as a catalyst and convener, forging collaborations across its three universities and partnerships with the state’s political, business, civic, and higher education leaders. These relationships create new and bigger opportunities for teaching, learning and research for our universities, our faculty, and our students. We seek to inspire a pursuit for answers, creativity, and excellence on every front, and provide incentives to help attract and retain the very best talent. We are also committed to narrowing gaps in opportunity, revitalizing the economy of urban and rural regions and communities, and improving education — at every level.

Learn more about some of our ambitious initiatives:


The Discovery Partners Institute and Illinois Innovation Network are pioneering research initiatives led by the U of I System to foster innovation that will solve the world's greatest challenges and fuel economic growth across Illinois and beyond.

Strategic Enrollment

The U of I System remains on track to reach a high-aspiration goal to enroll more than 93,600 students across its three universities by 2021, which is a 15 percent increase over five years.


The proposed Investment, Performance and Accountability Committment (IPAC) pact is a five year, accountability-based state funding agreement developed by the U of I System to solve ongoing financial challenges facing all Illinois public universities.

Faculty Recruitment

The U of I system has launched an aggressive $60 million initiative that will add to the ranks of world-class faculty across its three universities. The three-year initiative will attract up to 45 globally renowned faculty, building on the system's standing as a leader in education and innovation.

Arts & Humanities

Fourteen projects, selected from more than 50 proposals across all three universities, will share nearly $2 million under a unique initiative launched in 2019 to celebrate the importance and impact of the arts and humanities.

Guiding Principles

Working with more than 100 people, the U of I System has developed a set of Guiding Principles that are rooted in current practices and provide touchstones to guide our future on a number of issues that affect our academic enterprise, our students, our faculty and staff, and our campus culture.