The 2015-16 Strategic Framework Process

University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen is leading the 2015-16 University-wide strategic framework initiative, a process that will chart the institution's path to the future and build on the U of I's rich legacy of service to students and to the public good.

Killeen has called the strategic framework a roadmap for the University's future. He expects it to touch every aspect of the institution's operations -- from enrollment, curricula and pedagogy to economic development and partnerships. The plan will be "rooted in evidence and guided by experience." The framework process is a team effort involving all of the U of I's stakeholders.

Killeen was directed by the University of Illinois trustees in March 2015 to begin the strategic framework process, which took approximately 14 months.

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees approved the strategic framework at the May 19 board meeting.

The board discussed the final framework at its July 2016 retreat and meeting.