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Three universities. One system.

Fueled by countless supporters and driven by the most talented individuals, we explore further, dive deeper, and reach higher.

When you radically rethink potential, the impossible is made possible every day—in a thriving, micro-urban community; in the heart of a big city; and in the state capital.

Combined, our three universities and healthcare enterprise bring resources, capabilities, and drive that are greater than the sum of their parts—it is altogether extraordinary.

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Lasting Influence through our alumni

With more than 755,000 living alumni, the University of Illinois System's impact extends throughout the state and around the world.

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System Governance

Overseeing the University of Illinois System are the Board of Trustees and the U of I president. Along with the chancellor/vice president of each of the universities, the board and president keep the system and its universities competitive, growing, and fully committed to the core missions of education, research, public service, and economic development.