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Visit Enrollment by District for data about Illinois federal congressional districts.

The dashboard displays the Fall Enrollment counts since Fall 2008. Enrollment counts can be categorized by the following:

 University Chicago, Springfield, or Urbana-Champaign 
 Term Fall Term
 Level1 Undergraduate, Graduate, or Professional
 Status1 Full-time or Part-time based on the number of enrolled credit hours and the level of the student. Full-time status is based on the following;
Undergraduate: A student enrolled for 12 or more credit hours per semester.
Graduate: A student enrolled for 9 or more credit hours or a student involved in thesis/dissertation preparation considered full-time by the institution.
Professional: A student enrolled for 12 or more credit hours per semester.
 Race/Ethnicity1,2 The U.S. Department of Education racial/ethnic reporting categories. These were revised starting in the fall 2010 term.
 Residency An Indicator of where the student resided before first enrollment. For this purpose, residency is based on the address at time of application/admission. Prior to Fall16, UIS is based on residency for tuition purposes.
 Gender1, 2 Female or Male
New Freshmen Designates first-time freshmen enrollment
New Transfers Designates first-time undergraduate transfer enrollment
First Generation2 Designates first-generation enrollment. Note that this field is incomplete in earlier years. UIUC began collecting this information for fall 2007, UIS began collecting this information for fall 2012, and UIC began collecting this information for freshmen only in fall 2013. 
STEM Majors STEM majors refers to disciplines in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as determined by The Department of Homeland Security.
In Online Programs Student enrollment in programs offered online 
College A constituent part of each university

Illinois County Map: Displays only Illinois residents
U.S. Map: Displays only U.S. citizens or permanent residents
World Map: Displays all students

1Federally-defined reporting categories