Speeches, Statements, Interviews

University of Illinois President Timothy L. Killeen is frequently interviewed, gives speeches, and often issues statements. Where available, these are chronicled below.

2017 interviews

Illinois Public Media, June 2017

2017 speeches

Remarks, Board of Trustees meeting (Chicago), July 13

Commencement remarks, May 2017 

2017 statements

Guest Commentary: A model for environmental sustainability, News-Gazette, June 25

Statement regarding State of Illinois budget, Feb 17

Statement regarding Executive Order on Immigration, Jan 30

2016 speeches

Remarks, Board of Trustees meeting (Urbana), Sep 8

Remarks, Board of Trustees meeting (Springfield), May 19

Remarks, Illinois Senate Appropriations Committee, March 17

Remarks, Board of Trustees meeting (Chicago), Jan 21

2016 interviews

WCIA-TV, October 5

The 21st, Illini Public Media, August 16

Chicago Tribune, July 15

News-Gazette, June 29

2015 speeches

Presentation at Adler Planetarium, June 17

City Club speech and slides, Chicago, June 3

2015 interviews

Chicago Tonight, November 17

Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, May 17

WILL radio, May 15  

Chicago Tribune, May15

UIAA alumni magazines, April 9


Robert Easter

Former President Robert A. Easter's speeches, statements, and interviews are still available. He retired in May 2015.