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Presidential Initiative: Expanding the Impact of the Arts and the Humanities

The arts and the humanities enrich our lives and are essential to education, research, scholarship, and public engagement across the University of Illinois System. Instruction in these fields prepares students for a life of conscientious citizenship and creative contributions in every economic sector. Research and creative breakthroughs in these arenas help us imagine new approaches to today's social problems, drawing from deep historical experience, finely honed craft, and expertise in collaboration and improvisation.

In 2019, the U of I System launched the Presidential Intiative to Expand the Impact of the Arts and the Humaniities. Nearly $2 million was invested in fourteen collaborative projects across the system's three universities. Two years later, an additional ten projects received a combined round of funding of $1.54 million.

This program is managed through the Office of the Executive Vice President/Vice President of Academic Affairs.

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three various artistic outdoor sculptures at three campuses