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Reporting Offices

System Vice Presidents

The vice presidents for the U of I System and their offices report to the president.

Academic Affairs (EVP/VPAA)
The Executive Vice President/Vice President for Academic Affairs works closely with the chancellors and provosts of the universities in Urbana, Chicago, and Springfield to define and shape strategic academic priorities and directions for the U of I System, providing advice on important academic policy and budgetary issues, and supporting key academic initiatives. The EVP/VPAA works to foster communication and collaboration on academic matters among the three universities.

Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller (CFO)
The Vice President and CFO provides management oversight and responsibility for all financial functions and oversees all revenues, costs, capital expenditures, investments and debt, and planning and budgeting as well as university-wide budget execution and implementation.

Economic Development and Innovation (VPEDI)
The Vice President for Economic Development and Innovation (VPEDI) works closely with the president of the U of I System to energize and lead initiatives in support of the System's economic development mission. VPEDI ensures that innovations grow beyond our universities and into the private sector through a pipeline of idea acceleration units and connected partnerships.  

External Relations and Communications (ERC)
The Vice President for External Relations and Communications oversees federal, state and local governmental relations, advocacy, communications and media relations, brand and marketing, and FOIA response.

Chancellors/Vice Presidents

Each university's chancellor is also a vice president for the system and they report to the president.

Directly reporting system offices

Four offices report directly to the president.

University Audits
Protects and improves the University and its related organizations through independent, objective assurance and consulting services that evaluate the effectiveness of risk management, internal control, and governance processes.

University Counsel
Serves as the legal adviser to the Board of Trustees, the President and other administrative officers for the system.

Discovery Partners Institute (DPI)
DPI is a purpose-driven, collaborative research institute located in Chicago that is focused on building prosperity and growing the state of Illinois’ workforce by creating solutions to grand challenges. It is led by the University of Illinois System, its three universities and partners.

Ethics and Compliance Office
Serves as the liaison for employees and outside agencies regarding ethics-related topics, manages the toll-free help line and administers annual ethics training as required by the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act.

President's Cabinet members

President's Cabinet (l-r): President Tim Killeen; VP of External Relations and Communications Adrienne Nazon; UIS Interim Chancellor Karen Whitney; UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis; UIUC Chancellor Robert Jones. Back row: President of the U of I Foundation Jim Moore; Chief of Staff Laura Clower; Executive Vice President and Vice President for Academic Affairs Avijit Ghosh; VP of Economic Development and Innovation Jay Walsh, VP of Human Resources Jami Painter; Assistant VP of State Relations Jen Creasey, University Counsel Tom Bearrows; Secretary of the Board of Trustees and of the University Greg Knott; VP of Finance/CEO Paul Ellinger.