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Available Records

Each year, the University of Illinois System and its universities provide countless documents and reports online.

We provide a generic list of the types of records commonly available in university offices. Special or unique files documenting functions specific to a given office may also be available. Because records-retention practices provide for periodic destruction or archival transfer of information, a listed record may not be in a given office at a particular time. Some public records are published and may be available for purchase, or may be available under library lending procedures.

Some records are also more readily available outside of the FOIA process. These include transcripts or degree verifications, employment verifications, and general information about admission to each campus. Access to these is obtained by contacting the appropriate offices. Please see our all campus directory for information on reaching the responsible offices on each campus.

Some of the records described in this list, or certain portions of them, may be exempt from inspection and copying. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the university is prohibited from releasing some records.

Immediately available records

Section 3.5(a) of the act requires the University of Illinois to make available a list of documents or categories of records that can be disclosed immediately upon request. The items listed below constitute many but not all of the records that are immediately available.

Reports, minutes

Annual reports, annual statistical overview (Pocket Facts), and other publications

Audit activity reports

Annual Financial Report

Auxiliary Facilities System Report

Board of Trustee meeting minutes

Budget requests

Budget summary for operations

Endowment Pool Management report (UIF)

Faculty peer salary studies and salary equity studies (Urbana)

Gender equity report (Urbana)

Health Services Facility System Report

Quick Facts (UIC) with various data about student and faculty and staff

Security and Fire Safety reports: Urbana, Chicago, and Springfield

Sponsored programs reports: Urbana and Chicago

Strategic plans: U of I System, Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, Springfield

Statistics and data

Academic personnel supplement

Crime statistics: see "Security and Fire Safety reports" above

Division of Management Information (Urbana) website with data and reports, including the campus profile, student enrollment reports, undergraduate statistics, accreditation information, budget reform spreadsheets.

Federal Grants and Contracts with data and charts about federal support on the three campuses for research.

IBHE and IPEDS reports and Common Data Set (UIC)

Institutional Research, Office of, (UIC) website with enrollment statistics, student data book, freshman profile, ACT profiles, academic performance data, retention and graduation statistics, and transfer data for freshmen.

Institutional research data including the budget book; graduate survey; staffing information; student data book; transfer student data; tuition and enrollments; race/ethnicity, gender and disabilities; faculty salary; and surveys for the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

Public service activities database

Student surveys (UIC)

Tuition and enrollment

Reference documents

Campus Administrative Manual (Urbana)

Ethical Practice, Handbook for

General Rules

Organization charts


Resource offices

Division of Management Information, Urbana

Office of Institutional Research, UIC

Office of Institutional Research, UIS