Reporting Offices

Executive Offices

Six executive offices report to the president.

University Audits

Protects and improves the University and its related organizations through independent, objective assurance and consulting services that evaluate the effectiveness of risk management, internal control, and governance processes.

University Counsel

Serves as the legal adviser to the Board of Trustees, the President and other administrative officers of the University.

University Ethics and Compliance Office

Serves as the liaison for employees and outside agencies regarding ethics-related topics, manages the toll-free help line and administers annual ethics training as required by the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act.

Governmental Relations

Maintains a liaison with members of the Illinois congressional delegation, the Illinois General Assembly, the Office of the Governor, agencies of the federal and state governments, key local officials and major higher education associations.

University Equal Opportunity

Coordinates the development of University-wide policies and guidelines in equal opportunity and affirmative action.

University Relations

Serves the public affairs needs of the President; develops and executes communications strategies to gain public support for the University; provides public affairs, marketing, and planning assistance to the General Officers, Trustees, and University-wide offices.

University Vice Presidents

The University Vice Presidents and their offices also report to the president.

Academic Affairs (VPAA)

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs works with the campuses in defining and shaping strategic academic priorities and directions for the University, providing advice on important academic policy and budgetary issues, and supporting key academic initiatives.

Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller (CFO)

The Office of the Vice President and CFO provides management oversight and responsibility for all financial functions and oversees all revenues, costs, capital expenditures, investments and debt, and planning and budgeting as well as university-wide budget execution and implementation.

Research (VPR)

The Office of the Vice President for Research was established in 2011 by re-titling the vice president for technology and economic development (VPTED) and expanding into that portfolio important responsibilities for the University’s more than $700 million-a-year, externally funded research enterprise. The VP Research facilitates collaborative research opportunities, streamlines related policies and procedures, and acts as a coherent, unified voice for U of I research.

Chancellors/Vice Presidents

Each campus chancellor is also a vice president of the University and each reports to the president.