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Color Palettes

The U of I System brand incorporates several color palettes, each with their own specific purpose. Use the guidelines here for graphic design works representing the U of I System or system offices. For specific rules about colors of the logo, see System Logos. External Relations and Communications has made efforts to provide consistent parameters for print and digital media. The variations between color formats, processes, end-materials, and displays all play a role in color quality and clarity. Appropriate color contrast is essential for readability and to adhere to color accessibility standards.

Primary "U of I Blue"

The primary dark navy blue is the primary color for the U of I System brand. All three universities use this or a similar shade of navy as one of their two primary colors, thus being the one thread that unites all the brands.

Use PMS 2767 C for body copy and serious documents: regal and authoritative

PMS 2767

Pantone: 2767 C
CMYK: 100/90/10/77
RGB: 19/41/75 (adjusted for consistency)
HEX: 13294b (adjusted for consistency)

Secondary accent blues

These blues may be used in conjunction with U of I blue as complementary accents for mood, headers, subheaders and points of interest.

Use PMS 2728 C for subheaders and points of interest
Use PMS 2738 C for knockout headers and overall mood

PMS 2728

Pantone: 2728 C
CMYK: 97/74/1/0
RGB 5/86/165
Hex: 0455A4

PMS 2738

Pantone: 2738 C
CMYK: 100/89/1/1
RGB: 32/64/151
Hex: 1F4096


Use these neutral tones with the blues to add balance and contrast that will play-up blues and frame photography and color-enhanced imagery.

PMS 427C

Pantone 427
CMYK: 16/12/11/0
RGB: 232/233/234
Hex: E8E9EA

PMS Cool gray 6

Pantone: Cool Gray 6
CMYK: 37/28/28/0
RGB: 166/168/171
Hex: A5A8AA

PMS Cool gray 10

Pantone: Cool Gray 1
CMYK: 64/51/49/20
RGB: 94/102/105
Hex: 5E6669


University accent colors*

These colors represent the three universities within the system. They are used in the icons of the multi-color logo, and may be used as accent colors.
*Be sure not to represent/replace one university in another's primary color.

Illini Orange color swatch

Illini orange
Pantone: 1655
CMYK: 1/80/100/0
RGB: 255/95/5
Hex: FF5F0F

UIC red color swatch

UIC red
Pantone: 199 C
CMYK: 10/100/86/2
RGB: 213/0/50
Hex: D50032

UIS blue color swatch

UIS blue
Pantone: 295 C
CMYK: 100/57/0/40
RGB: 0/51/102
Hex: 003366

For complete color and branding guidelines for each individual university and the health system, visit:

Urbana: Strategic Marketing & Branding
Chicago: Marketing & Brand Management
Springfield: Marketing & Brand
UI Health: Marketing

Accent colors

When additional accent colors are needed for a design – especially based on provided/acquired images (illustrations, graphics or photography) – use these complimentary colors, very sparingly to help tie in visual resources.

Teal color swatch

Pantone: 7720 C
CMYK: 95/27/55/32
RGB: 13/96/94
Hex: 0d605e

gray-blue color swatch

Pantone: 7458 C
CMYK: 68/8/18/2
RGB: 111/175/199
Hex: 6fafc7

citron color swatch

Pantone: 374 C
CMYK: 29/4/78/1
RGB: 191/212/109
Hex: bfd46d

Dark yellow color swatch

Dark yellow
Pantone: 7548 C
CMYK: 0/26/99/0
RGB: 255/209/37
Hex: ffd125

Salmon color swatch

Pantone: 178 C
CMYK: 0/76/58/0
RGB: 238/94/94
Hex: ee5e5e

Periwinkle color swatch

Pantone: 7683 C
RGB: 79/104/152
Hex: 4f6898