Wordmark and Logos

The University of Illinois System does not have a logo, only a wordmark. Each university throughout the System has unique branding and corresponding logos. The user's guide to U of I wordmarks (Aug 2017 PDF) is helpful for distinguishing appropriate wordmark or logo usage for the U of I System, universities (academic and athletic), and other related organizations.

In conjunction with the October 2017 University of Illinois Foundation philanthropic campaign launch and to support the individual university brands, a new additional logo lockup has been created for the University of Illinois System that utilizes the three university logomarks in concert with the System wordmark. Development of revised brand guidelines, templates, and downloads are being developed and will be rolled out to System Offices soon. If you are in need of the new lockup at this time, please contact Kirsten Ruby

U of I System wordmark usage

In late 2016, the wordmark was revised to reflect the new frame of reference for the University of Illinois as a “System of three universities,” solidified through the Strategic Framework approved by the Board of Trustees in 2016.  The System wordmark reinforces the System identity, and its value increases when used properly and consistently. It should be used by System offices or for multi-university programs such as a conference jointly sponsored by units or colleges on two different campuses.

Several versions of the wordmark exist to provide the greatest range of flexibility. Please keep in mind size of reproduction, and readability of the small, colored type when considering which version is best for your needs. Also, the importance of displaying the university cities should be weighed depending on audience and usage. Horizontal and stacked options are available for download in each version. Please contact University Relations if a reversed wordmark is needed.

Wordmark font & colors

The font used in the University of Illinois System wordmark is Palatino. The “University of Illinois System” text using the Palatino font is a graphic element of the wordmark and should not be modified or recreated. The colors in the text of the university cities represent the principal color of each university in order to reinforce their individual brands (see Colors for details). The colors should not be altered. The wordmark should appear only in solid black, solid white, or the black/color combinations above. Do not, for example, print an entirely yellow or green version of the wordmark. The wordmark can be located on top of a background image or color as long as legibility is not compromised.

Sizing and Isolation Area

The horizontal University of Illinois System wordmark should not be smaller than 2.5 inches in width, with the exception of unusually small printed products. Please contact the Office for University Relations if further assistance regarding the size of the wordmark is needed.

In order to maintain the integrity and distinction of the University of Illinois System wordmark, no other graphic element or text can reside within the isolation area. The isolation area unit of measurement i is defined as half the distance between the cap line and baseline, in relationship to the size of the University of Illinois System wordmark. The baseline is the imaginary line upon which the text rests. The cap-height is the height of the capital letters within the University of Illinois System wordmark, and the imaginary line that demarcates the cap-height is called the cap line. The isolation measure applies to both wordmark versions and is determined the same way.

cap line and baseline example with I in Illinois

Once i is defined, it can be used to determine the minimum total isolation area that should surround the wordmark, as shown below.

horizontal logo with isolation area

Unit, service, system logos 

The graphic design and appearance of the University of Illinois System wordmark should not to be modified or re-created. System offices should not develop and use unit, service, or system logos. Units that need a visual for print or online use should contact University Relations to discuss a custom mark.

Joint initiative co-branding

There are situations in which the University of Illinois System wordmark must coincide in placement with logos from external organizations. The University of Illinois System wordmark should proportionally reflect the degree of contribution. If it is an equal partnership, the logos must visually appear equal in size and placement. Otherwise, the visual size and placement should reflect the contribution of the partnership. A link to this wordmark usage guide should be sent to external organizations in order to ensure the proper usage of the University of Illinois System wordmark.

Prohibited usage

The wordmark should not be stretched, shrunk, cropped, modified or altered in any way. Recreating the wordmark in Word, PowerPoint or other software is also prohibited. The wordmark should not be used within a sentence in place of text, and should not be used as a pattern. Old logos should not be used. See samples below of some of these prohibited uses.

stretched logo

shadow effect logo 


made up logo

hand-crafted unit wordmark

 logos without System word><br>
            previous wordmarks without

University of Illinois seal

Use of the seal of the University of Illinois is approved and monitored by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois. To request the use of the seal, contact the Secretary of the Board by calling 217-333-1920 or via email.


Also see: Templates and Downloads for letterhead and powerpoint templates

File formats--please note:
.jpg and .gif files are best suited for digital use.
.tif and .eps files are higher resolution, ideal for print reproduction.

If working with a vendor, be sure to check with the vendor on their preferred file format.

Download horizontal b&w simple: .jpg  .tif  .eps  .png

horizontal black logo


Download stacked b&w simple: .jpg  .tif  .eps  .png

stacked black logo


Download horizontal b&w with cities: .jpg  .tif .eps  .png

horizontal black with cities logo


Download stacked b&w with cities: .jpg  .tif  .eps  .png

horizontal color with cities logo


Download horizontal color with cities: .jpg  .tif  .eps  .png 

horizontal color with cities logo


Download stacked color with cities: .jpg  .tif  .eps  .png

stacked color with cities logo