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System Logos

The U of I System logo includes the traditional serif-font system wordmark locked up visually with the three iconic logos of the three universities in Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield in the order in which they joined the system. They are separated by a thin vertical piping. This representation of the system supports the gravitas and history that the University of Illinois holds, as well as capitalizes on the recognition of the individual university brands to aid audiences in understanding of which universities are part of the U of I System.

Logo Variations

Logo files in all versions are available or download via BOX. Please read instructions and rules for use below. Logos shown here are a sample of layouts available. All layouts are available in multiple file types in 4-color, all white, all black, and all blue. Please click on the download button below to see all versions and file types.

Horizontal logos

Horizontal Logo - reversed (white)

Horizontal logos with tag

Horizontal logo with tagline, in PMS 2728 blue

Stacked logos

Stacked logo, full color

Stacked logos

Stacked logos with tagline, black only

Based on context and placement, the preferred versions of the logo offer layout flexibility. The variations with the theme are intended for marketing and advertising purposes where the text of "altogether extraordinary" does not appear elsewhere, as in a headline or payoff copy.

The U of I System wordmark alone, without the logo artwork, is acceptable but not preferred. Should you need a different version of the text-only wordmark, contact External Relations and Communications.

One-color versions are preferred when possible for unity and clarity. Black, reversed white, and navy blue are available. Versions with colored university icons are also available. 

U of I System units and offices can have an official logo lockup with their office name. See our FAQ for example and more information

Rules for Use

  1. Always make sure to allow for plenty of space around the logo. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of the height of the "U" around the logo
  2. Never change the proportion of the logo as a whole or any of the individual elements, including the font, the university icons, and theme.
  3. The logo should only be rendered in the pre-defined colors, with few exceptions (see below).
  4. The logo should never be stylized. (e.g. outlined, made to look hand-drawn, given a drop shadow, or otherwise).
  5. For branded merchandise including but not limited to apparel, mugs, pens, and other giveaway items, please contact the brand and marketing division of External Relations and Communications for assistance in selecting the appropriate logo for your item.
dont use dropshadow
Don't outline
Dont hand-draw

Color Usage

1. When appearing in one color on a white field use black or U of I blue.
2. Colored university icons can be used with a black wordmark when highlighting the universities in the system is desired.
3. When appearing over a darker colored field or photography, use white.
4. When appearing over a lighter colored field or photography, use black or U of I blue.
5. When color usage is prohibited, use black on a white field, or white on a black field.

Joint initiative co-branding

There are situations in which the U of I System logo must coincide in placement with logos from external organizations. The U of I System logo should proportionally reflect the degree of contribution. If it is an equal partnership, the logos must visually appear equal in size and placement. Otherwise, the visual size and placement should reflect the contribution of the partnership. A link to the brand web pages should be sent to external organizations in order to ensure the proper usage of the U of I System logo.

Use of the Seal

Examples of seal

Use of the seal of the University of Illinois is approved and monitored by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois.