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Zoom for PHI

Zoom for PHI may be used for meetings involving Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Zoom for PHI is a different tool than the regular campus instance of Zoom. Each University of Illinois campus has its own Zoom PHI Portal. Instructions for each campus are provided in the following table. Please note that this solution is unavailable for UI Health staff, nor should Zoom be used as an alternative for telehealth services.

University Informational Links Zoom PHI Portal
U I C Effective February 27th, 2024, all individuals using Zoom at UIC now access a unified portal. Anyone who needs to use Zoom with Protected Health Information (PHI) must submit a Zoom for PHI request to be added to the Zoom PHI group.

How can I protect PHI while using Zoom?
UIUC Security, Protecting PHI using the Zoom HIPAA Compliant Portal
UIS Security, Protecting PHI using the Zoom HIPAA Compliant Portal

Other Notes

  • If logged in to the regular (i.e. NOT PHI) Zoom portal, you will need to log out first. Instructions on how to do so can be found in the answers KB articles above.
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security concerns are to be reported to or your local HIPAA Liaison.