Information Technology Leadership Team

The University of Illinois Information Technology Leadership Team (ITLT) articulates the Information Technology strategic direction for the University of Illinois. ITLT serves as a conduit for identifying areas where enterprise-wide policies and standards should be developed and fosters the development of these standards. The ITLT also reviews, promotes, and sponsors, when applicable, Information Technology projects that have enterprise-wide impact. The ITLT is an advisory and coordinating group; it makes recommendations on procedures, policies, projects and the University’s strategic technology direction to the President’s Cabinet and Academic Affairs Management Team. ITLT may or may not be directly responsible for implementation of policies, procedures or processes, and individual ITLT members may oversee implementation efforts in their own units.


Subject to the provisions of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees Statutes and General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure, the ITLT responsibilities include the following:

  • Articulate the strategic technology direction of the University. *
  • Identify support and infrastructure issues that are not being adequately addressed. *
  • Evaluate University technology practices against University needs and relevant external benchmarks, for example higher education peers and industry standards.
  • Identify area where enterprise-wide standards should be developed and foster the development of these standards.
  • Develop proposals for addressing infrastructure and operational issues, identify and evaluate alternative approaches (including costs, issues of user support/training, and effectiveness evaluation).
  • Sponsor the implementation of the selected initiatives across the University.
  • Update the University IT policies on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that the ITLT reports annual progress related to enterprise-wide activities, such as policies, infrastructure and security.
  • Form and manage working groups as needed to develop, implement, and evaluate technical solutions proposed or approved for specific problems.


*These responsibilities and functions of the ITLT (referenced as UTMT) were described in a memorandum dated September 8, 1995 from the Vice President for Administration to the President.

ITLT Members

Andrea Ballinger
Vice President
Chief Information Officer

(University of Illinois Alumni Association)

Farokh Eslahi
Associate Provost
Chief Information Officer
(University of Illinois - Springfield)

Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom
Chief Information Officer
Executive Director of Academic Computing and Communications Center
(University of Illinois - Chicago

Michael Hites
Senior Associate Vice President of Administrative IT Services
Chief Information Officer
(University Administration)

Paul Hixson
Chief Information Officer
(University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign)

Audrius Polikaitis
Assistant Vice President of Health Information Technology
Chief Information Officer
(University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences)

Bill Reynen
Chief Information Officer
(University of Illinois Foundation)

Ilir Zenku
Assistant Vice President of Information Technology
(University of Illinois Health Affairs)


If you have any questions regarding the ITLT, please contact Kim Nguyen-Jahiel, Assistant Director of IT Planning, University of Illinois Office of the CIO,