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Update -- March 2014

Robert Easter The University Administration Review process has been completed and we are now in early stages of implementing many of the recommendations. While we initiated this review process late in 2012, the review teams began their work in earnest early in calendar 2013. The review was designed to ensure that we are using our available resources in the most effective manner, recognizing that our primary missions are teaching, research, public service, and economic development.

During the spring and early summer of 2013, seven broadly representative teams conducted a thoughtful and careful review of the University Administrative units. These teams then submitted draft reports with findings and recommendations to a steering committee. The draft reports were shared with the units subject to the review and they were provided the opportunity to submit a response or any additional information that they felt should be considered by the review team. Using the information provided by the units, the teams then made any changes or modifications to their draft reports that they felt appropriate and submitted final reports to the Steering Committee.

The final reports were reviewed by the steering team and findings and recommendations were summarized and forwarded to Vice President for Academic Affairs Christophe Pierre. He and an advisory committee composed of Vice President/CFO Walter Knorr, the three Provosts, and University Senates Conference member and Professor Nicolas Burbules reviewed all of the initial findings and recommendations. This advisory committee prepared a report containing 47 final recommendations that was forwarded to the President for related decisions and implementation.

A copy of the final report was made available in March 2014(PDF). Implementation letters were sent to unit heads in the late fall and winter.

Over the past several months, the President has met with the Chancellors to carefully review these recommendations and seek their advice on final decisions. The President also consulted with members of the Board of Trustees. Over the next weeks and months University Administration will be implementing most of the recommendations contained in the advisory committee report.

Robert Easter
President, University of Illinois


From the President -- November 2012

I have initiated a comprehensive review of our University administrative units. As we face a challenging financial climate and a constrained budget, it is important that we take steps to ensure that we are using our available resources in the most effective manner. Our core missions are teaching, research, service, and public engagement, and we need an appropriate infrastructure for business and administrative services to support those academic activities.

This review is designed to assure that we are making responsible decisions about funds we use for business and support service at the University level. I am hopeful that at the conclusion of this review we will: clarify the relationship between University administrative units and the campuses; identify an optimal portfolio mix in each of these units; review the current amount of resources devoted to the functions of the units; and establish a formal process for review and accountability of each administrative unit and its budget. As an additional outcome, there will be an opportunity for cost savings.

I have charged seven review teams chaired by a college dean or equivalent and comprised of one member from each campus, one member from University Administration and one additional faculty representative. I am confident that the collective expertise on each committee will facilitate a speedy and thoughtful review. Depending upon the scope and complexity of the units being reviewed, it is expected that each committee will have 6-8 weeks to complete their work and issue a short executive summary together with a more comprehensive report with recommendations to be considered. I hope to receive the reports by March 15, 2013, and I will share them with the unit being reviewed, giving the unit an opportunity to respond with any information that might be helpful. I will then ask the Vice President for Academic Affairs using the Academic Affairs Planning Committee or a smaller group including the Provosts, to review the reports and identify recommendations that should be implemented. I will then review those with my leadership team and make a final determination of the recommendations that should be implemented.

This website will serve as a resource for information on the progress of this review and will include important documents such as charge letters, reports, and frequently asked questions. There is also a space for you to offer input and feedback on this process. I am committed to having this review unfold in the best interests of our institution and those who contribute to our collective mission.


Robert Easter
President, University of Illinois