Guiding Principles

The development and implementation of this reporting approach will be guided by the following operating principles:

  • The reporting approach will be comprised of key indicators of progress and achievement (both quantitative and qualitative) for each of the five priorities.
  • The reporting approach will also include relevant contextual information to promote appropriate interpretation of these indicators.
  • The reporting approach will be a macro-level tool for demonstrating accountability to the BOT and other stakeholders on an annual basis regarding progress and achievement in each of the five areas. As such, this approach will complement (not supplant) other, more detailed management reporting systems under development at campuses to support and inform strategy execution at the school, college, and department level.
  • The process for developing and implementing the reporting approach and related metrics will be highly collaborative and transparent.
  • The metrics established to demonstrate progress and achievement in addressing the five priorities will be results-focused and limited in number while at the same time seeking to provide a balanced picture of the context within which strategy execution occurs.
  • The metrics will be based on well-established data and other information sources where possible to maximize credibility and minimize additional workload.
  • The metrics will reflect industry norms and standards where feasible in order to enable benchmarking and peer comparisons.