President's Perspective

President's Perspective is a forum for University of Illinois leadership to offer thoughts on topics of interest or current issues. Although President's Perspective is the president's forum, on occasion he shares the stage with senior U of I staff who offer their views on issues important to the University.

The perspective column was part of a discontinued enewsletter for University Administration staff.


October (Vol 2, Issue 5): Advocating for the U of I in Springfield, guest columnist Jennifer Creasey

August (Vol 2, Issue 4): Roadmap for our future

June (Vol 2, Issue 3):  First weeks called a success, guest columnist Tom Hardy

March (Vol 2, Issue 2):  Advocating for the U of I in Springfield, guest columnist Tom Hardy

January (Vol 2, Issue 1): A whole different toolbox, guest columnist Susan Kies


November (Vol 1, Issue 6): Leadership changes

September (Vol 1, Issue 5): Budget challenges, guest columnist Walter Knorr

July (Vol 1, Issue 4): UA unit budget review process annualized, guest columnist Christophe Pierre

May (Vol 1, Issue 3): University research: Infinite possibilities, guest columnist Larry Schook

March (Vol 1, Issue 2): University Administration service

January (Vol 1, Issue 1): Thoughts on leadership