September 12, 2011

Dear Members of the Urbana-Champaign Campus Community,

This past weekend, the University disclosed that it is conducting an inquiry into possible inaccuracies in student profile data concerning the incoming College of Law class of 2014 that had been publicly posted and distributed.

Let me assure you that this matter is being taken very seriously by the highest levels of the University, the campus, and the College of Law.  With the support of the Board of Trustees, I have asked the University Ethics Office and the Office of the University Counsel to lead the inquiry.  To guarantee that our review has complete integrity, they will be assisted by an independent data analysis firm and external legal counsel familiar with the University and its data-reporting requirements.

The data in question -- median law school entrance test scores and grade point averages for the class of 2014 -- have been removed from the College's website and the University will provide the accurate data as soon as it is verified.

Although many questions remain to be answered, the action by the University has been swift and thorough since Aug. 26 when the Ethics Office received credible information that prompted the review. Administrative staff at the College are cooperating fully with the inquiry. The College community and alumni, as well as the general public, were notified over the weekend. A report on the findings and outcome of the inquiry will be forthcoming at its conclusion.

This is unpleasant news and is apt to disappoint, even anger, anyone who hears it. At the same time, however, we can also say that a new culture has taken hold at our University. A tone of integrity and transparency is apparent across all of our campuses, and people are no longer reluctant to come forward.  We take questionable actions seriously and review them thoroughly and expeditiously.

You have my assurance, and the assurance of Urbana campus leadership, that we will investigate any credible report of unethical behavior. We all are proud of our part in making -- and keeping -- the University of Illinois a strong and ethical institution.


Michael J. Hogan, President
University of Illinois