October 4, 2011

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

I am pleased to announce that on October 26, we will launch the first ever University-wide Climate Survey at the University of Illinois. Although several campus units have conducted targeted climate surveys, this new census survey will gauge all faculty, staff, and student perceptions of the University climate, building on earlier efforts in order to provide a benchmark for the University of Illinois. After the survey results are analyzed, the information gathered will be used to prioritize and implement necessary changes to improve climate. Additionally, the survey will be repeated every 2-3 years so that we stay abreast of changes and continue to transform the institutional climate.

Obtaining meaningful data will be dependent on a robust response rate. Thus, your participation is very important to the success of the survey. The census survey is web-based and is expected to take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Data collection and analysis will be conducted by the Survey Research Laboratory. Your responses will be confidential.

A website has been established to provide more information about the survey and to answer any questions you may have.  To learn more about the survey and read responses to frequently asked questions: http://www.uillinois.edu/ClimateSurvey/

The university-wide survey is vital to help us further the diversity and climate initiatives that are central to our institution. I thank you in advance for participating in this important endeavor.


Michael J. Hogan, President
University of Illinois