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President Arthur Hill Daniels

Daniels 1933-1934

Arthur Hill Daniels carried the baton as Acting President after the resignation of President Chase. The 40-year University of Illinois veteran had served in various positions: as professor of philosophy, head of the philosophy department, acting dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and dean of the Graduate School.

The economy remained in poor shape as the nation struggled to get through the Depression. There were inadequate operating funds in the state treasury because of too many delinquent taxes, a pattern repeated nationally as estimates indicate that by early 1933 more than one in four urban property owners were delinquent. In Chicago, more than half of the city's tax bills were unpaid.

Daniels worked to keep the University afloat during the poor economic years and to improve the situation where he could. He initiated a University surplus program where campus departments could obtain usable equipment and furniture at no cost. For the first time, the University considered borrowing federal public works funds for needed improvements.

Daniels led with integrity and optimism that helped to guide faculty, staff, and students through difficult times.