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Numerous options are available for distributing university information to a wide audience. Most information sent by campus units is campus specific and distributed to the campus community using an automated mail system. University administration (UA) units occasionally need to distribute only to other UA units.

Some information, while useful to employees or students, is not considered official and is, therefore, not appropriate to send via the massmail system. Examples include a seminar series, training classes, or services (such as tax preparation or retirement planning) that are related to university employment but not a requirement of employment. Other avenues — electronic calendars, newspaper advertising or by-subscription email lists — exist for distribution of that type of information.

Below, by location, is a list of different vehicles that may be used to send information to faculty, staff, and/or students.

University Administration

Presidential Massmail

Massmails from the president are official communications directed to the entire University of Illinois community. Such messages are generally intended for staff members but some are also sent to students. These communications are for official University business such as changes in policy, notices about the availability of new services or resources, or topical updates deemed to be appropriate for a large audience.

Similar information (e.g., policy change) can be sent from other UA offices and approved by the Office of the President.

Other types of information should be distributed using one or more of the other options available on one or all of the University of Illinois campuses.

Massmail from Home Campus

Each UA staff member is assigned to a home campus based on his or her primary work location. That home campus designation determines the campus information the staff member receives. For example, a UA staff person who works in Chicago has a primary work location of Chicago and receives massmail and other communications from UIC but nothing from Urbana or Springfield.

Information Directed to UA Employees

To send email to UA employees or a subset of UA employees, complete the UA Email List Request form and return it to the email address on the form. The list can be customized by campus, employment category, or other criteria. Once processed, you will receive a list of UA email addresses in an Excel file. The email addresses must be copied and pasted into your email message. Units are responsible for sending their messages.



Massmail can be sent to undergraduate students, graduate and professional students, faculty, academic professional staff, or civil service staff (or any combination) using the massmail tool offered by Web Services, a unit of Public Affairs. Urbana does not provide an option to stop receiving massmails.

Other Options

EWEEK is an announcement email newsletter sent out to faculty and staff on the Urbana-Champaign campus who subscribe to this weekly service from the News Bureau. It is ideal for short announcements that target faculty and staff.

The DDDH listserv distributes only to individuals with dean, director, or department head in their position titles. The list is used to announce changes in administrative responsibility (e.g., a new dean) or changes to critical procedures (e.g., a change in the processing of promotion and tenure). Announcements are reviewed and approved by staff in the provost's office. Email your message to for approval.

Inside Illinois, the Urbana faculty-staff newspaper published by the News Bureau at Public Affairs, is available online. Inside Illiniois accepts advertising and offers lower rates for campus units. News is solicited from all areas of the campus and should be sent to the editor at least 10 days before publication.

The Public Affairs website lists additional options for communicating with the Urbana campus.



Massmail can be sent to students, faculty, and/or staff. A fee is charged and varies depending on which groups you want to contact. The massmail web page has the most current information.

At UIC, you can opt out of receiving most massmails except for urgent or official emails. Follow the instructions at the bottom of a recent massmail or set your email options online.

Other Options

Each day, a list of campus announcements — events, training sessions, conferences, funding opportunities, job postings, and lost and found — is mailed to subscribers. The email is compiled from data submitted using the UIC Events Calendar. Use the campus calendar to enter your event information; classified ads are also included thru the calendar system. More detailed instructions about the calendar system are available from the Academic Computing and Communications Center.

The DDDH listserv distributes only to individuals with dean, director, or department head in their position titles. A modest fee is charged. The DDDH section of the massmail webpage has the most current information.

UICNews, the UIC faculty and staff newspaper, accepts advertising. If you have news to suggest for UICNews, contact the appropriate member of the UICNews staff. You may also want to contact the News Bureau staff with story ideas.



All UIS employees and all students are included on an email distribution list that is used for official university communications and announcements. The Public Relations Office coordinates distribution of official announcements and archives each year's announcements online. Submit requests to the Director of Public Relations.

Other Options

The Journal, the UIS student newspaper, accepts advertising.

Alumni and Friends

University of Illinois Alumni Association

UIAA has email addresses for more than 160,000 alumni from the three University of Illinois campuses. UIAA charges a per-address fee to send an email.

UIAA also publishes an alumni magazine for each campus.

Refer to the UIAA website for more information or contact Vanessa Faurie.

Illinois Connection, the Advocacy Network for the University of Illinois

Illinois Connection is a grassroots advocacy network for the University of Illinois.  Through this initiative alumni, students, faculty and friends serve as advocates for the University to ensure support from the state and federal government.

Check the Illinois Connection website for more information on how to become a member and how to participate in outreach on behalf of the University.

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