Working Groups

One of the ITLT responsibilities is to form and manage working groups as needed to develop, implement, and evaluate technical solutions proposed or approved for specific problems. At present, ITLT working groups include:

Business Intelligence/Performance Management Subcommittee

Makes recommendations on procedures, policies, project work, and BI/PM strategic direction. This subcommittee also serves as a resource to assist and advise in resolving business intelligence and performance management challenges in new applications and foundation components, as well as provides a forum for adoption, guidance and implementation of new BI/PM technologies. This committee will be responsible for two major functions: creating the BI/PM framework for the UI and serving as the BI/PM governance. For membership information please visit the BI/PM page.

Common Architectural Vision (CAV)

Identify particular opportunities for cost savings or avoidance while at the same time helping to identify strategic opportunities for IT across the University that appropriately balance academic and administrative goals. For more information please visit the Common Architectural Vision (CAV) page.

Information Privacy and Security Committee

Coordinate the development and implementation of appropriate HIPAA and Information Security Policies and Procedures. The scope of the committee is necessarily broad, with the goal of ensuring the establishment of and adherence to practices which protect the interests of the University as a whole and the integrity of research, academic, and administrative programs, individually and collectively. For more information please visit the Privacy and Security Committee page.

Security Incidents Working Group

Coordinate response to enterprise-wide computer security incidents. The group will follow procedures as developed by Privacy and Security Committee and approved by ITLT. The need for this group is to simplify inter-campus communications and collaboration when addressing cross boundary security incidents. One security point of contact is identified from each IT organization at the University with the sole purpose to respond to incidents.

Shared Services Governance Group

The Shared Services Governance Group (SSGG) is a university-wide committee that has been charged by the U of I IT Leadership Team to improve the coordination and communication of shared services across the campuses and University of Administration. For more information, please visit the Shared Services Governance Group page.