Supplemental Release

As announced in a news release on August 7, 2015, the University of Illinois recently became aware that additional records exist responsive to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests filed with the Office for University Relations in 2014. These records, which consist of emails sent and received on personal email accounts, are provided as PDF documents at the links below.

The records are provided in three categories based on the subjects of the FOIA requests. Because some records overlap, reviewing all three files may be necessary.  <

These records have been redacted and other records located are being withheld in their entirety in accordance with the following sections of the FOIA:

  • 140/7(1)(a) that exempts from disclosure “Information specifically prohibited from disclosure by federal or State law or rules and regulations implementing adopted under federal or State law.” Specifically, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. §1232g) protects the privacy of student education records and prohibits the release of any information from a student’s education record without the consent of the eligible student or parent of the student. Therefore, student records or information that could lead to the identification are exempt from production and were redacted from the records or are being withheld. In addition, under this exemption, information that is required to remain confidential under state law, including, without limitation, the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct was withheld or redacted from the responsive packets. 
  • 140/7(1)(b) that exempts from disclosure “Private information, unless disclosure is required by another provision of this Act, a State or federal law or a court order.” This includes telephone numbers, addresses and other unique identifiers.
  • 140/7(1)(c) that exempts from disclosure “Personal information contained within public records, the disclosure of which, if disclosed, would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, unless the disclosure is consented to in writing by the individual subjects of the information.” This includes student records, identifiable student information, information about unselected employment candidates, the names and personal information of private citizens, and other highly personal information
  • 140/7(1)(f) that exempts from disclosure “preliminary drafts, notes, recommendations, memoranda and other records in which opinions are expressed, or policies or actions are formulated, except that a specific record or relevant portion of a record shall not be exempt when the record is publicly cited and identified by the head of the public body.”  This includes draft documents and communications containing opinions, evaluations, recommendations and records regarding the formulation of an action or policy.
  • 140/7(1)(m)  that exempts from disclosure “Communications between a public body and an attorney or auditor representing the public body that would not be subject to disclosure in litigation, and materials prepared or compiled by or for a public body in anticipation of a criminal, civil or administrative proceeding upon the request of an attorney advising the public body, and materials prepared or compiled with respect to internal audits of public bodies.” Pursuant to this exemption, communications covered under the attorney client privilege and/or the work product doctrine that would not be subject to discovery were redacted or withheld from the responsive records.