Risk Management

Effective risk management helps to identify the project's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By planning for unexpected events, the project can be ready to respond should they arise. To ensure your project's success, define how you will handle potential risks so you can identify, mitigate or avoid problems when you need to.

Download the Risk Toolkit to assist in risk management. The toolkit will walk you through:

Risk Toolkit

Risk Identification

The identification of risks is an important phase to ensure the project has all risks identified, discussed, assign an owner, and registered. 

Download the Risk Identification Toolkit to assist in brainstorming risk. The toolkit will walk you through detailed techniques. The Risk Toolkit references a Project Risk Survey template and Project Risk Survey Collection template and these can be used to collect and analyze risks using the Delphi Technique. Use an MS Excel workbook, SharePoint list, Clarity or other spreadsheet-like tools to track and manage the project risks. Here is a template of an MS Excel workbook to track project risks.

Risk Identification