Economic Impact of the University of Illinois System

The University of Illinois System contributes $13.9 billion annually to the state’s economy through spending by its universities, employees, and students and the increased earning power of its graduates. U of I operations and alumni return $4.60 into the economy for every taxpayer dollar invested – a 19.3 percent annual return rate – and account for about two percent of the gross state product, a study found.

The study by Idaho-based Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. released in October 2015 shows that the U of I System supports nearly 177,000 jobs in Illinois that would not exist without the U of I – jobs created by the spending of its universities, students, and alumni.   

The U of I System's most significant impact – $9.5 billion annually – stems from the talents that students develop through their education, which translate into higher career earnings and increased productivity for Illinois businesses.

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Impact of our universities

Each of the U of I's three universities released a similar, separate economic study in 2015 or 2014.