Shared Services Governance Group

The SSGG is an advisory and coordinating group for the University IT Leadership Team. The group also provides governance and oversight over Shared Services lacking governance. Shared Services within the purview of the group are IT services whose customers across the three campuses and University Administration have partnered in one or more aspects of service delivery, which may include funding, support, staffing, management and governance. The current SSGG charter is available. 


The primary responsibilities and functions of the SSGG are:

  1. To identify roles and responsibilities in each Shared Service and draft operational level agreements
  2. To coordinate the implementation of new Shared Services
  3. To coordinate the on-going operations of existing Shared Services
  4. To set minimum standards and identity necessary documentation for Shared Services (e.g., ownership, support, operations)
  5. To understand and maintain usage data, coordinate cost-sharing information, produce consolidated budget requests
  6. To discuss decisions over changes and modifications to Shared Services
  7. To recommend policies on Shared Services at the request of the University IT Leadership Team
  8. On a quarterly basis, report on the status and resource requirements on Shared Services to the University IT Leadership Team (format to be determined)


The SSGG will have a representative from each campus central IT and administration IT.

Candice Solomon-Strutz, Chair (University of Illinois System)
Assistant Director of IT Planning, AITS 

Larry Gibson (University of Illinois System)
ERP and Shared Services Lead, AITS

Kara McElwrath (UIS)
Assistant Director of Client Services, ITS

Janet Shaw (UIC)
Assistant Director, Identity and Access Management, ACCC

Jackie Kern (UIUC)
Director of IT Shared Services, Technology Services