Task Force to Prevent and Address Sexual Violence/Misconduct

The safety of University of Illinois students, faculty, staff and visitors is at the core of building an environment that fosters learning and discovery. The Task Force to Prevent and Address Sexual Violence/Misconduct, convened by President Robert Easter and the three U of I chancellors, will:

  1. build on dedicated resources and protocols already in place and explore and implement new procedures and strengthen existing practices
  2. promote the University's continued leadership in interpretation, implementation, and compliance with legislation, regulations and official guidance
  3. position the University to respond effectively to pending bipartisan legislation addressing sexual assault on college campuses as well as recommendations from a White House task force and other groups with expertise in this area

The specific charges to the committee include:

  1. review current policies and practices for reporting, investigating and resolving complaints of sexual misconduct
  2. explore best practices for preventing sexual violence/misconduct and providing resources for survivors
  3. examine the existing and pending federal legislation and regulations to determine any potential impact on the University's policies and practices
  4. oversee implementation of task force recommendations


Read the charge letter from President Easter.