Administrative Review & Restructuring (ARR)

About ARR


The Administrative Review and Restructuring (ARR) initiative was started in November 2009 in order to address the financial challenges facing the University. Over the years, it is the quality of the University's teaching and research programs and the fulfillment of its land grant mission that has established the reputation of this institution and benefited the people of this state. The University's ability to maintain its excellence despite the financial challenges it faces makes it imperative that administrative services be delivered in the most cost efficient and effective manner so that resources can continue to be invested to support core academic missions.

Working Group

In November 2009, President Stanley Ikenberry established a working group to conduct a broad scale review of administrative structures and services at the University with the aim of improving performance and reducing costs. After extensive study the University-wide working group recommended a broad set of reforms and changes to achieve these goals. The recommendations of the Working Group were presented to the Board of Trustees in May 2010 and the full report was shared with the University community in June 2010.


In August 2010, President Hogan, with the concurrence of the Board of Trustees, endorsed the goals of the ARR initiative and established a Steering Committee to lead and direct a process for review and implementation of the recommendations of the Working Group Report. The Steering Committee, which is chaired by the President, includes the University's three Vice President/Chancellors, the Vice Presidents of the University, and the Chair of the University Senates Conference. Under the direction of the Steering Committee the implementation efforts are being carried out by functional teams who lead specific initiatives in different administrative areas. The teams, with membership from across the University, are responsible for engaging with content experts and stakeholders, developing detailed implementation plans, and completing specific projects to improve services.