Impact Illinois 2017

The annual report from the University of Illinois System highlights a few of the initiatives from each of our universities and our healthcare system. [View or download the PDF.]
Learn more about most articles included in the annual report by reading the original stories from the talented writers from the three U of I universities and the System Offices. If an article is not listed, the story was written for Impact Illinois and does not have a source story. (Front matter about the System is not included here.)


Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework

An Institution for and of Our Students

Educating more Latino scientists, engineers

System eyes 15% growth by 2021

Equipping business leaders of the future with analytics

UIC students to sail the Northwest Passage

Building a hub for student campus life

Preparing students for life in a diverse society

Research and Scholarship with Global Impact

Making strides in treatment for Type 1 diabetics

Enhancing photosynthesis for crop production

Expanding international partnerships

Relocating endangered birds

Shining a light on battery improvements

Freeze-dried blood developed to save lives

A Healthy Future for Illinois and the Midwest

Strategic alliances around the state

Vision restored through retinal implant

All "SET" to improve economy in southern Illinois

Ideas being hatched at Tech Nest

Zoning reform to improve health

New ideas being nurtured in Springfield incubator

Tomorrow's University Today

Committed to bettering our climate

New hall honors the past and forges sustainable future

Designing an imaginative future

More majors = more options

Historic gift for College of Pharmacy

Investment, Performance, and Accountability Commitment (IPAC) proposed

Transparency in Performance

University data

Feature Photos

State Farm Center renovations

Shakespeare in Springfield

Family health center opens in Pilsen

New look for Library of the Health Sciences