President's post-election statement to the U of I System community

In the aftermath of a divisive presidential campaign and election, many are left wondering what the future holds and what their place will be in our nation.

At the University of Illinois, we have already charted our path … a path firmly rooted in diversity, inclusion and opportunity. It is a core pillar of the Strategic Framework approved by the Board of Trustees earlier this year, which leads us forward and builds on our long legacy of service to students and the public good.

Our students, wherever they come from, can be assured that our universities are places where they can pursue their dreams, transform their lives and cultivate the talents that will serve our state, our nation and beyond.

Those bedrock values are ingrained in our DNA, and I’m grateful to our chancellors for joining me today to reaffirm our commitment.

Delivered at the November 10 U of I Board of Trustees meeting

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