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On September 22, 2016, the Business Process Improvement (BPI) Shared Service hosted the Business Process Improvement Showcase at the Illini Union. This inaugural event attended by nearly 200 members of the Urbana campus faculty and staff was developed as an opportunity to share ideas on how to improve business processes at Illinois, delivering faster, better services to our faculty, students, and other stakeholders given the current fiscal environment.

The showcase was an open, free event for all members of the University of Illinois community to participate, share, and learn.

The BPI Shared Service would like to thank Dr. Paul Ellinger (Vice Provost for Budget and Resource Planning), Dr. Edward Feser (Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost), and Dr. Michael Hites (CIO for University Administration and Senior Associate Vice President, AITS) for speaking at the event and highlighting the importance of striving to improve business processes.

The BPI Shared Service would also like to thank the 21 vendors who were on hand to explain how their services could help streamline processes, and the 26 campus units who shared their process improvement experiences either in poster presentations or during breakout sessions. However, the sharing doesn't have to stop with the showcase. The BPI Shared Service would like to hear more about your experiences with improving business processes in your campus unit.
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For questions, contact processimprovement@uillinois.edu.

Breakout Sessions

Redesigning Source-to-Pay
Our current Source-to-Pay procedures have significant opportunities for improvement and impact every department within the University system. An effort to address these opportunities started in July 2016 with a pilot review of 4 sub-processes within Source-to-Pay. Duane Elmore and representatives from the team will provide an overview of the project and the pilot phase that was completed in mid-September. They’ll seek input from participants on the ideal future state for Source-to-Pay, and describe how participants can get involved with the effort in the coming months.
Presentation Slides

Bringing Process Improvement to Higher Ed
Carol Mullaney, Director of Continuous Improvement at the University of Notre Dame, will share her experiences leading process improvement initiatives in higher education. She’ll share what her organization has learned through their journey, what strategies worked, and how process improvement can help higher education meet the challenges that are widespread today.
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Poster Sessions

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SharePoint Shared Service: Supporting collaboration throughout the system
SharePoint is a collaboration tool, helping groups of people share information and work together. SharePoint sites are dynamic and interactive, allowing members to contribute ideas, add content, and comment on contributions from others. It can also be used to automate workflows, coordinate calendars, and store documentation. Representatives from the SharePoint Shared Services group will provide information on the services they offer.

Improve customer service, free-up staff time, deliver services faster, or reduce total cost
Representatives from the Business Process Improvement (BPI) Shared Service will provide information on the services they offer to help units improve their processes.

Paperwork: The beast that would not be tamed!
Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) is a no-cost service that promotes an effective and coordinated approach to the management of records and information assets throughout the University. Representatives from RIMS will provide information on the services they offer, including email clean-up and email organization tips.

Empowering student leaders while maintaining spending controls at University Housing
Over the past two years University Housing and the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) have worked together to streamline the process for student-initiated purchases. This poster will provide an overview of the process and the effort to create it.

"What does it take to purchase a good or service for the University?”
Our current Source-to-Pay procedures have significant opportunities for improvement and impact every department within the University system. An effort to address these opportunities started in July 2016 with a pilot review of 4 sub-processes within Source-to-Pay. Representatives from the team will present what they learned through this pilot and how this effort will be continued over the next few years.

“Can I throw away this state record?”
The Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) office coordinates the state records disposal process for units in University Administration and on all three campuses. The team observed instances of unit confusion about the process and about the status of their disposal request. RIMS wanted to reduce this confusion in order to foster compliance and trust. Representatives from the team will share the results from their work.

Onboarding Employees @ College of Veterinary Medicine
The College of Veterinary Medicine process improvement team recently focused their attention on onboarding employees: identifying and improving the more than 150 college tasks needed to onboard an employee for their first day, while streamlining responsibilities and communications with a business process redesign and electronic tools. Representatives from the team will be on hand to discuss both their finding and recommended solutions.

Change Management Redesign @ Tech Services
Tech Services is currently reviewing and enhancing their change management process to streamline resources, improve communication, and improve employee engagement. Representatives will be on-hand to share their experiences and talk about what they’ve done.

“When the door closes, are you still secure?”
When an employee leaves the University, how much risk remains? Does system access remain open to financial information, employee information, and student information? Is there financial risk? Revoking access to critical enterprise applications following the separation of an employee from a unit at the University is often not done in a timely manner. Representatives from the team analyzing this process will present their findings and the team recommendations.

“Xtending” Your Business Process with EDMS
Electronic Document Management Services can provide a variety of benefits including: reduced physical storage, increased time savings, instant access to documents, improved customer service, higher levels of productivity, and environmental friendliness to boot. Stop and talk to us about the possibilities of integrating the existing enterprise-level document management service with your process or unit. We will highlight Self-Service Banner, Web Services, and the general repository features of the EMC ApplicationXtender product.

Developing Change Agents @ Illinois
The Business Process Improvement Facilitator Training Program is an intensive four-month program designed to develop participants in the art and science of facilitating process improvement efforts at the University of Illinois. Past participants of the program will be on hand to share their experiences and encourage applicants for the next Urbana-Champaign cohort in January 2017.

AITS Activity Based Costing
Over the past few years, the University of Illinois department of Administrative IT Services (AITS) has cut expenses by $2M, revised our strategic plan, developed a sustainable activity based costing (ABC) model, and integrated all of these aspects into our portfolio and project management office (PPMO). Activity based costing (ABC) is being utilized as a tool to provide improved information about the true cost of our services, and in turn we are using this to determine the most efficient sourcing for strategic planning and a more systematic approach to the budget justification process, providing ongoing in-depth financial analysis, and better financial transparency. This poster will lead you through the development and implementation of a new ABC process and describe how it has been integrated into the strategic budgeting process and cover the benefits and drawbacks of this costing method.

Ensuring new employees have everything they need
The ATLAS IT On-boarding BPI project addressed the issues experienced when new faculty, staff, and grad students arrived as new hires. They often were confused as to which campus IT support group provided which services and they often arrived during the busiest time of the year for ATLAS IT staff. The results of this project focused on ways to better communicate with new hires and their units, and make their IT on-boarding process more efficient and effective.

Travel Pre-Approval Process Workflow
Each department uses a different method for tracking faculty/staff travel information, if they track it at all. There are various policy requirements for this process, as well as internal and external audit concerns. To help address this need, the School of Earth, Society & Environment (SESE) and Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) developed the Travel Pre-Approval Process Workflow. Representatives from the team will share their experiences and details on the tool itself.

Improving access to your unit’s financials
Representatives from the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) will provide information on My-UI-Financials, a tool that improves access to financial information with easy-to-use access anytime, anywhere.

Ensuring employees have the access they need @ University Human Resources (UHR)
UHR was struggling with their internal procedures for maintaining access to enterprise systems. They were experiencing disorganization with tracking, lack of templates, confusion with available resources, and no metrics to determine true bottlenecks or successes. This project addressed those concerns by establishing a standard process flow. Members from the team will share their progress and experiences.

Tech Services: Bringing Process Improvement to Service Delivery
Technology Services has implemented a number of significant process improvements in order to better deliver IT services and support to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Learn more about how changes both big and small are enabling us to support the success of researchers, students, and staff.

Custom Data Solutions
The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) has data from multiple systems and provides solutions for all campuses. AITS has a new service to provide custom data solutions using your data. Working with you, we can warehouse your data or build solutions for your unit over enterprise data. Representatives from the Decision Support group within AITS will provide information on their services.

IT Business Management Improvement @ Tech Services
Technology Services has recently implemented a number of business management improvements, including the use of an activity-based costing model to increase both efficiency and transparency and streamlining business processes. Representatives from the team will be on hand to share details on the improvements they’ve made and the overall impact.

Pay now, or pay never: improving collections at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Earlier this year a team from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital set out to improve their client billing process. Their goal was to establish a standard operating procedure that would eliminate inefficient communication between internal hospital departments, clarify staff roles in the billing process, and reduce the number of balances remaining in the Health Information System. The team will be on-hand to share their experience.

“Where Can I Find Quick IT Tips?”
The University Knowledgebase has improved the customer support provided by the AITS Service Desk, at the same time providing our customers with a quality, always-fresh source of self-service answers to their IT support questions. Find out how you can also benefit from answers.uillinois.edu just like the AITS Service Desk.

UI New Hire Redesign
Looking at the effects of redesign self-service systems with a focus on usability and process improvement. This poster session highlights the recent redesign of the UI New Hire system, the approach they used, and the results.

Saving trees, one process at a time
Representatives from AITS will provide information on FormBuilder and how it can help units to reduce the amount of paper they use. They’ll provide details on a project they recently completed at UIC that streamlines the faculty offer letter approval process for administrative and tenured hires.

“How do I get access to that?”
A system-wide process improvement project is currently looking at opportunities to streamline the request process for enterprise system access. Members of the team will be on hand to talk about the proposed approach and collect feedback on the current Unit Security Contact request process.

Office of Procurement Diversity: Promoting vendor diversification at the University of Illinois
The University of Illinois is committed to vendor diversification by ensuring that diverse businesses are included in the University procurement process. Meet with representatives of the Office of Procurement Diversity and hear about the different ways they’ve been promoting vendor diversification.