What's Happening - May 2016

BPISS Partners with UIC Faculty Affairs

Posted on 05/13/2016

In June of last year, the Business Process Improvement (BPI) Shared Service completed a project to help UIC Faculty Affairs improve their hiring process for appointments requiring prior Provost and Board of Trustees approval. The goal of this collaboration was to reduce the amount of time required to process these approvals. Now, Dr. Angela Yudt, Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs, reports that after implementing the solutions recommended by the project team led by Marc Carlton of BPI, Faculty Affairs has experienced a 40% reduction in their average turnaround time. How did they achieve these considerable results?

Dr. Yudt credits the BPI method: “The BPI staff did a great job in helping us dissect our current processes and focus on steps that added value and minimized cycle time. They also took the time to gain an understanding of our needs and help us be realistic with our goals.”

Another crucial component to improving their process was using the FormBuilder workflow and forms tool. Dr. Yudt says that its “product features were able to meet our needs for flexibility, dynamic questioning, as well as security and storage.” Using Faculty Affairs process information obtained and organized by the BPI team, Tanya Wood of AITS provides ongoing assistance to Dr. Yudt’s team to configure FormBuilder according to the specific needs of their unit. FormBuilder’s routing functionality has enabled their formerly paper-driven process to become completely on-line, increasing efficiency and transparency for their customers. Tanya is glad to have had the opportunity to work on this project, and continues to use her work with Faculty Affairs as a model for other groups requesting workflows and paper-process elimination.

Units that submit hiring requests to Faculty Affairs also appreciate the improvement, especially FormBuilder’s contribution. “Overall, it’s a great application … it has already saved a significant amount of time,” says Antoniah Lewis-Reese of UIC’s School of Public Health.

This time savings allows Faculty Affairs to focus on other projects that gain additional efficiencies, which they otherwise would have been unable to consider. Lastly, Dr. Yudt “would like to publicly thank both Marc Carlton and Tanya Wood for the excellent work (and their tenacity) on this project.”

Questions regarding the BPI Shared Service and business process improvement methodology can be directed to Marc Carlton at marcc@uillinois.edu. Questions about FormBuilder should be directed to formbuilder@mx.uillinois.edu.

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