Email Management

The University of Illinois receives and generates a large amount of email every day. The following resources can help individuals and offices more effectively make use of this critical communication tool.

The key to better email management is to make it part of an ongoing business process so that messages are appropriately stored, transferred (e.g. to the University Archives), and disposed of as a normal course of business, not simply when space runs out or when staff retires. Doing so will reduce the costs and burdens caused by systems or space limitations and by staff turn-over.

Effective Email Communication Strategies

Determine when email is and is not the most efficient way to communicate.

The Email Life Cycle: Creation, Maintenance, Disposition

Find strategies to improve how you use email when sending, organizing, and pruning.

Tips for Using & Organizing Email

Discover practical tips to reduce your email volume, increase responsiveness, and automate your workflow.

Recordkeeping Considerations for Email Messages

Learn when email messages should be treated as State records and how to manage them.