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Posted on 05/17/2018

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees on Thursday helped pave the way for nearly a dozen construction projects that will ultimately total more than a quarter of a billion dollars for new or renovated classroom, research and residential facilities.

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Posted on 05/17/2018

University of Illinois President Tim Killeen announced Thursday that plans will be developed setting an ambitious goal for increased faculty hiring across the three-university system over the next five years.

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Posted on 05/15/2018

Over the last year, the University of Illinois System joined other public universities in talks with the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS) to develop new procedures for exempting positions from the civil service system.

I write to share the news that an agreement has been reached that complies with state law while still allowing us to exempt academic professional positions from the civil service system, as appropriate.

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Posted on 04/27/2018

The University of Illinois System's 2018 annual report, Impact Illinois, is now available online. 

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May 25, 2018

Audubon (May 23) '[They] have no defenses against invading cuckoos,' says Illinois professor Mark Hauber. 'They are in for some tough times, and their numbers may dwindle. So this is a true risk.'

May 24, 2018

PolitiFact (May 24) Robert Bruno says Texas is adding more union jobs because it’s adding more jobs, period, and is much bigger than Illinois, not because it’s more union-friendly

May 24, 2018

Comparing the corn phase of a corn-soybean rotation to continuous corn showed an average yield benefit of more than 20% and a cumulative reduction in nitrous oxide emissions of approximately 35%

May 22, 2018
Findings presented at American Thoracic Society meeting
May 22, 2018
Backers of microenterprises make funding decisions based on the description of the venture.
May 16, 2018
Aim is to make UIC a carbon neutral, zero waste, net zero water and biodiverse university.


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