What's Happening - November 2015

AITS FormBuilder

Posted on 11/02/2015

Did you know that when you register yourself or a child and pay for DIA athletics camps at the UIUC campus, you are using FormBuilder? Or if you needed to submit a Protection of Minors Event form for approval through the University of Illinois Police - Division of Public Safety, that you are using FormBuilder to submit and route the form for requisite approvals and notifications?

FormBuilder is an enterprise application available to all University of Illinois units for creating forms to collect and process information. FormBuilder's high level functionality includes Event Registration, Online Credit Card Payment, Email Notification and lightweight Workflow functionality.

For more information on FormBuilder and information as to how to start an engagement with AITS, please visit https://www.aits.uillinois.edu/services/Professional_services/FormBuilder.

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