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Timeline and Presentations

Below is the timeline for the 2015-2016 strategic planning process. 

Items from various meetings are linked in at the appropriate stage. Also refer to the analytic summaries page for additional information.

1.  Organization for strategic plan

  • Review of campus strategic plans and other contextual material
  • President’s retreat with University and campus representatives
  • Design of July BOT strategy session

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2.  Identification of initial planning issues

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3.  Issue analysis

  • First meeting of Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC)
  • Identification of initial planning issues, themes & implications
  • Selected internal interviews
  • Second SPSC meeting, refinement of issues, themes & implications
  • Design of campus town-hall meetings

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4. Hypotheses development

  • Town-hall meeting on each campus
  • Additional internal and external stakeholder interviews
  • Development of “working hypotheses” about potential UI priorities, goals, and vision
  • SPSC meeting: development of goals & strategies

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5. Drafting strategic plan

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6.  Stakeholder feedback and finalization of plan

  • Widespread discussion of draft framework with internal and external stakeholders
  • SPSC meeting: review of stakeholder feedback & identification of final revisions
  • Finalization of UI strategic framework
  • Submission of final draft to SPSC for approval and transmission to President and Board of Trustees

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7.  Final draft submitted

  • On or before May 1, 2016