publication cover artEmpowering Extraordinary 2020

The Annual Report from the University of Illinois System highlights a few of the initiatives from the U of I System, our three best-in-class universities, and our leading hospital and health sciences system. [View or download the PDF.]

Learn more about how the University of Illinois is leading the way in access, impact, and value by visiting the original articles from talented writers across the system that inspired the stories included our report:

Access and affordability

Enrollment continues to climb
Reduced tuition for UIC medical students
At UIC, in-state tuition to students for Native Americans
Fellowships for grad students
UIS waives application fees
Illinois Commitment expands

Discovery Partners Institute & Illinois Innovation Network 

A $500M state commitment
New DPI leadership 
Student solution to a global problem
IIN expands network of hubs
DPI adds new partners: Illinois Institute of TechnologyArgonne National LaboratoryNational Taiwan University


New name recognizes $300M in support
$100M partnership with FoxConn Interconnect drives new center
$10M for outpatient surgery center
Edwards family supports provides Gies, athletics
Sangamon Experience at UIS
U of I Foundation raises $463 million
$3M gift for indoor softball center

Research & innovation

Illinois and the first view of a black hole
Harnessing CRISPR for gene therapies
Getting math educators on the same page
Interdisciplinary humanities & arts research
Supporting minority students in STEM
UIC develops first fully rechargeable lithium-CO2 battery

Improving the K-12 foundation

Computer science education for children, teachers
Enhancing early childhood education at UIC

Innovative system

UI Ride connects campuses
Growing faculty strength
Guiding Principles added

A healthier world

An app and the fight against drug-resistant bacteria
Mitigating the risks of chronic illness
New pathways to a healthier heart
New-generation biohybrid robots respond to light
UIC, UI Health, ensuring better maternal outcomes
Improving care in underserved areas

Cultural enrichment

Krannert Center celebrates 50 years
Pulitzer winner: Powers' tale of trees
Holding history in your hands
Fossil record of the present

Excellence recognized

Top 10 in prestigious Forbes list
Excellence and value at UIC
Regional andonline excellenceat UIS

Commitment to student success

Student-athlete academic excellence
Growing the Phd STEM pipeline
Building on undergraduate success

Brick & mortar

Transformative learning spaces rise
Master plan for a better UIS
Innovation in animal nutrition
UIC opens iving-learning space

Global crisis, system-wide response

COVID-19 resources and updates

Expanding our reach

Chicago's next law generation
A home for performance
A diverse future for engineering-based medicine