Specific colors are designated for use in System publications and online. Additionally, each university in the U of I System has official colors as well, as does UI Health.

System colors

The colors represented in the 2017 System wordmark are:

Orange: Pantone 158; CMYK 0/61/97/0; RGB 243/112/33; HEX f37021
Red: Pantone 199; CMYK 7/100/85/0; RGB 213/0/50; HEX d50032
Blue: Pantone 295; CMYK 100/57/0/40; RGB 0/51/102; HEX 003366

These colors are intended to be representative of the primary color of each university. 

A System color palette was originally created in October 2014 and has undergone some minor modifications. This palette is currently under review. System Offices are asked to select colors from the impactful or innovative palettes and to use the specified neutrals in their print, online, or presentation projects. The accompanying text also lists recommended typefaces to work with Palatino, which is used in the System's wordmark.

The type color specifications refer to body text in print, online, or presentation projects (not wordmarks). In general, type on a white or light background should be black or dark grey. 

Reference:  System Color Palette Aug 2017

For specifications on colors used on the website design, see the website style guide

Campus and hospital system colors

For the most current standards and guidelines for each institution, please visit these sources:

Urbana Brand Guidelines

UIC Marketing Visual Elements

UIS Creative Services Color Standards

UI Health Marketing Logo & Brand Guidelines