These guides provide practical tips and best practices for a variety of records and information related topics.

Disposal Process Flowchart

Review the comprehensive process for records destruction or transfer to University Archives.

Volume Estimation Guide

Identify standard measurements for common storage formats and estimate their volume.

Documenting a Record Scanning Process

Use this template for reporting basic information about any standard scanning procedure used by your office as part of a business process. Fill it out and return it to

RIMS Inventory Template

Use this template to report information about the types and quantities of records your office has. Fill it out and return it to

Records and Administrative Data Management Plan Template

Use this template to document general information about your department and its basic business functions as well as the types of records and systems that are created and used to support the work of the department.

Storage Solutions Summary Chart - Quick Reference Guide

A quick guide for understanding document and records storage options and responsibilities.

Departmental HR Files Processing Flowchart

Assists departments processing HR files to determine the retention periods for the documents contained in these files.

File-Naming Standards

Assists in establishing file-naming standards for your unit's electronic documents.

Folder Structure

Assists in establishing folder structure standards for your unit's files.