Policy and Recommendations



In this section you will find detailed recommendations for your information management.

The University of Illinois receives and generates a large amount of information every year in various formats such as paper documents, electronic files, and photographs. Consequently, University offices seek to manage and store this material until its business use expires and it can be disposed of, or be transferred to the University Archives.

The key to better information management is to make it part of an ongoing business process so that records are appropriately stored, transferred, and disposed of as a normal course of business, not simply when space runs out or when staff retires. Doing so will reduce the costs and burdens caused by systems or space limitations and by staff turn-over.

Scanning Records - Overview

Should you scan? Why, when, and how? Also included are scanning format standards and resolution recommendations.

Planning a Move

Major points to consider and whom to contact when planning a move or reorganizing your office.

Information Disposal Guide

This document provides information on how to dispose of your records properly. This includes the University's General Rules pertaining to records, how you should handle high risk or confidential content, and other useful information.


As more topics and issues are addressed in the RIMS office, more resources will be added to this page. If you can't find a resource that answers your questions please feel free to contact the RIMS team.