UIUC Library Financial Reporting Project

In August 2013, RIMS began to help the Urbana campus Library streamline its monthly financial reporting processes.  The Library has 249 financial accounts and 47 fund managers and up to five standard reports are generated from EDDIE for each account.  These reports produce about 1,664 pages which Kim Hutcherson from the Library’s Business Office spends 3 days every month printing, copying, collating, mailing, and filing to monitor and manage its funds.

Working with Kim, RIMS explored options which would enable her to collate and send the reports electronically to fund managers without requiring each of them to receive access, training, and support for EDDIE.  EDDIE supports the scheduling of reports to automatically generate and send them out by email but, due to limitations of one CFOP per report, one report per email, and a fixed value for the month, the default capabilities would have required Kim to maintain almost 1,245 scheduled reports and update each of them every month to increment the reporting period.  In addition, fund managers would receive up to five emails per fund each month with some receiving as many as 130 separate emails each month for all of the accounts they manage.

Currently, RIMS is working with Jerry Myers from Decision Support to address these limitations.  Jerry is working on a solution which will combine all five standard reports into a single report, allow for multiple CFOPs to be specified, and use a relative period to reference the previous month.  This will provide Kim with just 47 scheduled reports to manage, one for each fund manager, and each fund manager would receive a single PDF by email each month containing reports for all funds that they manage.  Kim will only need to make changes as accounts or fund managers are added or removed, saving almost 3 days of her time each month in addition to eliminating paper storage and waste costs.