The BPI Shared Service has been facilitating process analysis and improvement projects and initiatives since fall 2011, initiating 86 within UIC, UIUC and University of Illinois System Offices.  For more information on our current or past projects, visit one of the links below.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports include details on the outcomes of recently completed projects, the goals and status of current projects and work requests, and requirements for upcoming approved projects and work requests.

Download the latest monthly report or visit our report and newsletter archive.

FY18 Annual Report

The FY18 BPI Shared Service Annual Report has been published. This report is intended to provide an overview of the BPI Shared Service accomplishments for the fiscal year, including project, training, and engagement performance. This report also looks back over the impact created by BPI during its first five years.

Past Projects and Initiatives

For a listing of completed projects with executive summaries, visit our Past Projects and Initiatives page.

Current Projects

The following BPI Shared Service projects are currently in-progress:

  • Unit Security Contact Request Process Improvement - reduce amount of time spent developing requests for access to system applications while ensuring appropriate access was requested.
  • Library Administration Transition Procurement Process Improvement - improve the UIC Library financial operations for consistency and more efficiency by combining all Library business-related functions to be managed, monitored, and approved through one central business office.