University-wide Contracts

A request for proposal (RFP 1JAM1106) was initiated to obtain contracts for University-wide use in purchasing as-needed IT consulting services. These contracts do not negate any existing contracts that colleges/departments have for similar services, nor do they prohibit the option to create other individual contracts in the future.

Contracts were awarded to ten consulting firms and can be utilized by units from any of the three University of Illinois campuses. These contracts are meant specifically for use in obtaining services (from one or more of six groups of services) to assist in the implementation of IT projects. Each service group is further detailed into subgroups. Consulting firms can only be used for group(s)/subgroup(s) for which they were awarded contracts.

Please see the consulting firm summary for contract details.

A second request for proposal (1MKG1201) was executed to establish a pool of contracted vendors to ensure the University has experienced vendors to provide writing and editorial services, illustrations, photography, graphic design, video production, web design and web page maintenance. Vendor’s can only be used for the group(s) for which they were awarded contracts and vendors may be listed on multiple tabs depending on the service under contract.

Please see the P & A Master Contract list for more information.