This section contains self-paced training modules relating to records and information management and a short video about managing emails. You can also learn more about the Records Liaison program. In addition to the self-paced training modules, the RIMS team is happy to train your unit on various aspects of records management. If you would like us to lead a training session for your unit during a staff meeting or other agreeable time, please contact the RIMS team.

Training Modules

Records Management 101 - Video Modules (New!)
  1. Module 1: What is a record? -- (Transcript)
  2. Module 2: Retention -- (Transcript)
  3. Module 3: Records Filing Systems & Storage -- (Coming soon!)
  4. Module 4: Disposal or Transfer of Records -- (Coming soon!)
Dealing with the Monstrous Menace of Email - (Transcript)
Records and Information Management for Records Liaisons - RM 201

Records Liaisons

A Records Liaison is a person responsible for coordinating an office’s records and information management procedures. They are also the initial contact person for questions and concerns about records management from within their office. Records and information management procedures include:

  • creating file organization and maintenance structures,
  • conducting inventories of records and information resources,
  • transferring historic materials to the University Archives,
  • and disposing of records according to the unit’s Unit Plan.