Transfers to the Archives

Inactive records that have been identified as having enduring value must be retained permanently. In nearly all cases, these records should eventually be transferred to the University Archives on the appropriate campus.

When the requirement for retention indicates records should be transferred to the University Archives, departments will need to follow the procedures established by the Archives to complete the transfer process. More detailed information for the specific University Archives transfer process on your campus can be found by following the appropriate links below or by contacting the RIMS office.

Chicago - University Archives

Springfield - Archives/Special Collections & Illinois Regional Archives Depository

Urbana-Champaign - The University of Illinois Archives

Despite their different intake procedures, each campus’ University Archives requires a folder-level inventory for the materials being transferred. The folder-level inventory should include folder names per box for the materials to be transferred. The RIMS Inventory Template may be helpful for completing this step.

Once the inventory is complete and the transfer procedures have been followed, the materials can be transferred to the University Archives. (When your unit is ready to move materials, refer to the contact information on the Planning a Move page for the next steps.) When the transfer is complete, your unit should submit confirmation to the RIMS office verifying completion of the materials transfer.

A flow chart of the comprehensive disposition process is available.